Links: Snapchat glasses for sharing, reaction videos, & Masquerade app for video filters with over 13 million downloads in 3 months 3.11.16 (#2)

Snapchat hired people with experience in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

There’s some speculation about Snapchat making glasses that are able to make photos/videos, including based on hiring and because in 2014 Snapchat bought a startup that did that with glasses. Whether this happens or not, certainly there is remarkable opportunity for wearables that help with sharing experiences. In the future, perhaps people share a considerable amount of their lives to the particular people of small and large groups that they want to share, and perhaps the ability to watch and navigate through all that content becomes improved. For now, Snapchat Stories where people post their daily experience multiple times per day including even dozens of times per day is perhaps the closest example other than full day live streaming.

Service for sharing and watching people react to content

The opportunity for creating and sharing “reaction” related content has many possibilities. This is one example including a focus on shows such as on Netflix, where in concept people could listen to commentary during the show. Alternatively and related, there are a number of reaction related videos such as people reacting to outdated technology that have been viewed millions of times. Question then is about in what cases are reactions interesting content. A challenge is that reactions aren’t always interesting, and aren’t necessarily always predictable. Other areas for opportunity with reactions are in one-to-one conversations, where there have been a number of apps that have tried this but I don’t know of a clear especially popular app yet. Perhaps virtual reality will be needed to help with this such as viewing people in 3D that might be more fun/interesting to view and watch.

Masquerade app has more than 13 million downloads in 3 months

Fascinating to see how the video filter app has attracted over 13 million downloads and is used as a way for people to express themselves in many ways. Curious to see what new filters get developed and what filters people tend to use over time.