Idea: Add audio to photo posts on Snapchat Stories (#44)

Purpose is to enable people to share a story about what’s happening without requiring uploading a video.

Make photo, tap audio, press and hold to record audio, tap out to keep attached audio, tap “Add to Story”, and see photo with audio was added to your Story. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • There’s an ability to make a photo or video.
  • Video can include audio, or there’s an ability to choose to not include audio.
  • Photos when viewed are shown for as long as people select to choose to view.

Proposed idea:

  1. Tap to make photo.
  2. Tap audio.
  3. Press and hold to record audio. Release when done recording audio.
  4. Tap to send.


  • Opportunity is to encourage audio sharing while still sending photos.
  • Alternatively, allow sending audio only.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets