Idea: Combined search bar & indicator when selecting a recipient for a Snapchat with one-tap shows all selected users (#22)

Purpose is to provide for more space by combining the search bar with where a summary of recipients are noted. Tap once to see and/or modify currently selected users, and keyboard is also opened to let you search for more recipients.

Tap to select “Friend 2” which makes 3 people selected, tap the search bar which loads the 3 people selected, search for “Friend 2” which shows results, tap “Friend 23” to add as a recipient, tap “X” to remove search to see all selected people, then tap “Done” to return to selecting recipients. Now ready to send. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • There’s a list of recent, sometimes “Best Friends”, suggested users to send to who may not been active, and an alphabetical list of users.
  • There’s a search bar.
  • There’s a bar on the bottom that shows the people who have been selected so far. You can swipe side to side to see a full list if the names take up more space than is available horizontally.

Proposed idea:

  1. Note that you are on the selection screen where 2 people have already bene selected, “Friend 3 & Friend 5 selected.”
  2. Tap on “Friend 2” to select Friend 2 as a recipient, which causes “Friend 2” to appear in the top bar for a second, then that changes to “Friend 2 & 2 more.”
  3. Tap on the search bar with the text “Friend 2 & 2 more,” which both opens the search bar with keyboard, and shows the 3 people selected so far.
  4. Search for “Friend 2” which loads search results including “Friend 2” who has already been selected.
  5. Tap “Friend 23” to add as a recipient.
  6. Tap “X” which shows “Friend 23” added to the recipient list.
  7. Tap “Done” which shows that “Friend 3 & 3 more” are selected in the top.


  • Useful to use the top for showing who is selected.
  • Saves space by combining search bar with showing who is selected and with on one tap letting you edit who is selected.
  • Swiping when the keyboard opens would close the keyboard so you can just view the list of people selected so far.
  • Consider if this is complicated for users.
  • Consider if this increases the number of people selected to receive.
  • This may not be worth doing if people don’t want the ability to quickly get to a list of people who have been selected.
“Friend 3” and “Friend 5” already selected as shown in the list and as indicated in the top bar, tap “Friend 2” to select which changes text in bar to “Friend 2 selected” for a second then changes to “Friend 3 & 2 more” to summarize who is selected…
…tap search box, search for “Friend 2” which shows results including already selected “Friend 2,” tap to select “Friend 23”…
…tap “X” to return to selected recipients / search list, then tap “Done” to return to recipients selection to send. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets