Idea: Enable sharing your saved Stories to new friends to show your favorite moments for a limited time (#46)

Purpose is to enable new friends to be able to see older posts.

Search and add “Username1” as a friend, tap to view privately saved Stories, tap to view privately saved Stories in the last month, tap back, then tap to share your privately saved Stories for 30 days with Username1. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • New friends can see media only when new content is posted.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on Add Friends view. Tap to search.
  2. Search for “Username1.” Note that results show Username1 and more matches.
  3. Tap to add Username1 as a friend. Note that information expands down to show the ability to share saved Stories with that particular friend for 30 days, and a link to view privately saved Stories.
  4. Tap to view privately saved Stories.
  5. Tap to view the privately saved Stories of the last month.
  6. Tap to advance to Story #2.
  7. Swipe down to return to privately saved Stories.
  8. Tap to go back.
  9. Tap to share privately saved Stories with Username1 for 30 days. Note that the text shows the sharing has happened, and there’s a link to undo. Username1 is then able to see those available Stories by tapping to view the Story of the person sharing.


  • Opportunity is to enable people to decide about sharing more of their saved Stories which may include particular experiences that the person may want to share with other friends.
  • Also allow to share privately saved Stories with friends at any time, rather than only after tapping to add someone as a friend. Access this by long-press on a friend to open their profile window with the same links as in this design: one link for tapping to share privately saved Stories, and one link for tapping to see privately saved Stories.
  • For any saved Stories, perhaps also save the list of people who have viewed those Stories. That allows to also see which friends you share with have viewed the saved Stories as well.
  • Alternatives include deciding how long to share privately saved Stories.
  • Alternatively, provide a way to share all Stories posted in the last 30 days such as in case users want to do that. However, I think that focusing on privately saved videos by the given user makes more sense.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets