Idea: Group sending photos/videos on Snapchat with group button after 2 or more selected (#21)

Purpose is to enable users to easily send to a group including to get responses from all group members.

Make photo, tap next, select “Friend 3,” tap “Friend 5” which loads the “Group” button, and tap “Friend 2.” Note that the top bar animates showing who has been selected then briefly after shows the summary of who was selected. Tap the Group button to send to the group in the chat section. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • There’s no ability to send to a group.
  • Default is to select people and send one-to-one. There’s no indication if you received a photo/video that was also sent to other people.
  • Any chat you receive you know was only sent one-to-one on Snapchat.

Proposed idea:

  1. Tap to make a photo.
  2. Tap next.
  3. Tap one friend.
  4. Tap a second friend which causes “1-to-1” to appear representing the default way of sending, and “Group” to appear with another button to send together as a group.


  • Opportunity to use a second button to help share with a group.
  • Small groups of friends and more are an important part of communication.
  • Important to consider the complexity of default delete in figuring out which people in a group have seen a message and that therefore is no longer available to be seen or not.
  • Clearly there’s a lot more to consider in deciding on groups than just this, including enabling users to leave groups, turn off notifications, and more.
Tap to make photo, tap next, tap to select “Friend 3”…
…tap to select “Friend 5” which shows “Friend 5 selected” on top bar, then soon after summarizes at top bar as “Friend 3 & Friend 5 selected”…
…tap “Friend 2” then tap to send to the “Group” which animates to the chat section to show the group was sent.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets