Idea: Let Facebook Live video creator select parts of the video that are notable and set titles for each part to help viewers with finding parts of the video to watch, & show notable videos autoplaying in scrollable list (#109)

Purpose is to help people watching know what content is thought to be interesting from the perspective of the content creator.

Start on feed, tap on the recorded live video, then see the “Person 1 selected parts” which are parts of the video selected by the person who made the live video and included a title for each section. Scrolling down causes the video to autoplay when the video is in focus. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Facebook & YouTube today:

  • Facebook Live and Periscope let you share a live then someone can watch the full video later including seeing the reactions and comments at the time in the video of being shared.
  • Videos can end up being quite long and unclear what parts to watch.
  • With live videos, sometimes there is a delay time when the broadcaster waits for more people to enter the live video before starting the main part of what is planned, such as interviewing someone, showing an activity, or more.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on the feed and see a formerly live video was posted and is autoplaying. Tap on the video to watch, then note under that there is now a section that says “Person 1 selected parts” which lets you see the parts of the live video that Person 1 had selected as notable as well as text inputted by Person 1 about each video for why that part is interesting.
  2. Scroll to the video showing “Then, the video really started…” which then autoplays starting from 1 minute 3 seconds as that was the time selected by Person 1.
  3. Then keep scrolling to see more parts that were noted by Person 1.


  • Opportunity is to help the viewer find what parts matter in a video.
  • In concept, the person who just made the live video may know what parts of the video are especially notable. So enable the live video creator right after ending the live video to drag to select a part of the video on the timeline and then to enter a title to be included for that part of the video.
  • For example, the first title shown as inputted by Person 1 in the design is “Then, the video really started…”
  • Useful to identify what part of the video is especially interesting to start watching, particularly in case of live videos.
  • Alternatively, enable the person making the live video to select an end time as well for each selected clip so that way the person watching can at least be indicated that the recommended section has ended, which then may make sense to see the other video clips suggested by the person making the live video. And after indicating the end, the live video can just continue to play anyways in case the person watching wants to simply continue watching.
  • Also, if the person watching has already watching a part of the videos in the rest of the list of suggested clips by the person making the live video, then those parts of the video that have been watching can be indicated as watched, such as on the part of the timeline video selector.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets