Idea: Listen to audio then prompt for relevant Discover Story to share to such as by musician/show/etc that matches sounds exactly or more for partial matches of things such as live music/singing/particular instruments/etc 4.18.2016 (#121)

Purpose is to enable people to easily decide to share to particular Discover Stories available to contribute and watch. Opportunity is to enable people to connect over listening to/watching particular media.

Start on playing audio of video you made. Tap to turn off then on audio, then long press on audio to cause to audio match which then finds a match to a show and a match to a band. Auto loads a filter then swipe to other match. Then tap to Add to Story then tap to add to the band Discover Story and unselect adding to your Story, then tap to post. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Press release:

  • Title: Top musician launches new album with Snapchat Discover featuring people doing things listening to her music
  • Introduction: The Discover promotion was contributed to by a record number of people posting to Discover Stories. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” she said. “I was really speaking to my fans to share these stories, and to see how so many people felt that through their Snapchat Stories post was just amazing to watch and inspires me, and was frankly just really entertaining too!” Snapchat Discover Audio ID works by matching the music or audio in a Story to a known recorded song/TV show/etc, and then the user is able to share their Story to a Discovery Story dedicated to that matched media. The next Discover Audio ID Story is for the latest season of last year’s most widely watched show this weekend.

Snapchat today:

  • Snapchat Discover is a great way to see posts by people about what’s happening in your city or at a specific event such as sports.
  • Snapchat Discover is typically done by geo.
  • When tapping to share your Story, the ability to share to a particular Discover Story is based on your geolocation, such as NYC or for a particular event geofenced area.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on the playback of a video you just recorded. Long press on the volume icon and note that the audio is being analyzed, then notes when a match is identified. Special filters are loaded if there are filters for that particular music, or otherwise an auto generated filter is shown indicating the artist/song or show/etc. If more filters are available, then the user can swipe left to right, or swipe right to left to remove the filter and go back to the default.
  2. When you tap to post your Story, note that there is an available option for the local geo Story, and also a Discover Story available in case there is a Story available to share.
  3. Tap to share to the band filter.
  4. Tap to share Story.


  • Opportunity is to encourage people to share what they are doing with audio of particular musicians.
  • Discovery Stories are available for particular artists/shows that are organized such as the launch of a new album or a new season of a show.
  • Or there could be Discover Stories available to be shared to more regularly over time as well, such as higher level ideas of sharing your favorite song or show and expressing that somehow.
  • The user is required to tap on a button in order to check if there is a match of audio to a particular show. A reason to do this way is to focus on user privacy.
  • Focus could be on promotions of particular music/shows to try to attract a meaningful number of people to share.
  • Alternatively, automatically analyze the audio so that when go to share the Story there is a prompt if you want to share to the particular audio specific Discovery Story. Note though a reason to not do this is that people may not want to share the audio being posted to see if a match for a particular show or song.
  • A reason to not do this is that matching a song or a show as part of a Story may use time in the Story that could have otherwise been used to express things about the song or show. And so a question is whether the Discover Story about a song or show may be especially interesting or not if the people in the Stories do not have much time to talk.
  • A reason that the Discover Stories could still be interesting is that people can still use facial expressions and movement to contribute, and perhaps only 2 seconds of audio of the song or show would be needed to match and so there are 8 or 9 seconds available to talk.
  • Note that turning off the audio means that the match of the song/show/etc does not appear when viewing the Story.
  • Alternatively, enable to turn off a match of a show or show etc by turning off the audio and turning the audio back on.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets