Idea: Lock screen audio of Snapchat Stories including tap to reply/pause/skip Story /skip to next Person, lock screen shows person’s profile photo, & on headphones long press up volume to skip Story or long press down volume to skip to next Person’s Story 4.16.2016 (#119)

Purpose is for ability to listen to Stories that have audio and listen to computer reading text on photos/videos and reading who posted the Stories. Lock screen shows profile photo of each person to be clear about who posted what.

Start on the Stories list, then tap Stories to change to audio only, then tap to play to start with the selected Person 1 Story then tap to listen to Story #2, then tap Person 6 to listen to Person 6’s Story, then go to lock screen as Person 6’s Story continues to play, then tap to next Story to listen to Person 6’s Story #2, then tap next person to listen to Person 7’s Story. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • Audio can be included in video posts.
  • Audio can be sent in Snapchat Chat 2.0.
  • Challenge is that there may not be enough time to watch all Stories, and so listening to the Stories may be easier to do.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on Stories list. Tap on Stories and “Tap for audio only” to change to “Audio Only.” Note that Person 1 is selected. Tap to play which plays the audio only of Person 1’s Story.
  2. Then tap “Next Story to go to Person 1’s Story #2.
  3. Then tap on Person 6 which starts playing Person 6’s Story and note that you had viewed all of Person 1’s Stories so you see the ability to tap to reply privately to Person 1.
  4. Then lock your phone and show the lock screen which has the same buttons as before. Note that the profile photo of Person 6 appears on the lock screen. Tap “Next Story” to go to Person 6’s Story #2.
  5. Tap “Next Person” to play Person 7’s Story, and note that Person 7’s profile photo appears.


  • Opportunity is to make listening to audio of Stories such as when walking around.
  • Tapping “Reply” in the app opens a chat message that appends the audio of the Story that is being replied.
  • Tapping “Reply” on the lockscreen prompts to open the phone to go to the above chat message.
  • Showing person’s profile photo on lock screen is helpful for quick context about who posted what if you are glancing at your lock screen to check, in addition to the text at the top saying the person’s name and Story number of total.
  • Include touching headphones up volume to skip to next story and down volume to skip to next person for another quick tap to be able to have more control of what’s next. Opportunity is to make listening to Stories possible to use when not looking at the screen.
  • Audio plays the name of the person when person’s Story changes, and text on each photo/video is read by computer first before playing video audio.
  • Provide an ability for a button to tap to reply to a given audio message if another button is permitted. For example, Apple Music has back, pause and forward, but also a button to heart a song and a button to share a song.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets