Idea: Long-press on public Stories with icon next to time posted indicating that Story is public then tap to share to “My Shares” to share to your friends in a separate part of Stories view 4.19.2016 (#122)

Purpose is to make something other than “My Story” so separate from sharing to your own Story.

Visit someone’s Story, then long-press on the Story you want to share to see sharing options, then tap “Share Now” to quickly share to your “My Shares” section. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Press release:

Title: Press to Share :)

Introduction: You love to see Stories of your favorite people who shares publicly. Until now, there was no way to share your enjoyment with friends. Now, just press and hold on a public Story to share, then tap “Add to My Shares” for your friends to see. That’s it :)

Snapchat today:

  • Currently Snapchat enables long-press to share content that is in the Discover section.
  • People can screenshot what is seen in a Story and then send that screenshot in a private chat. Or the screenshot could be posted to other social media. A screenshot notification is sent to the person who posted the content.
  • Facebook sharing includes a lot of reshaping of media.
  • Twitter includes retweeting what someone else posts.
  • A critique of Twitter is that in some cases people feel that people give negative feedback such as about ideas or things that people make, and so this is discouraging to people to make things. And perhaps over time this means that less stuff is shared as a result.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on Stories view. Tap to view a Story. Note that the Story says “Public” in the upper left. Long-press on the Story to enter into sharing mode.
  2. Then tap “Share Now” to share now to your “My Shares”, then see the post is loading to your “My Shares.”


  • A reason to do this is that people may want to share what they are discovering, and people creating media may want people wanting to share.
  • Note that the “X” to close when in sharing mode is over the text of the person who posted that Story. Perhaps an alternative could change this. A reason to still show the person who posted is that is relevant info for the people viewing to know who posted. Alternatively, the name could be removed during editing here but the name could appear again when viewed by someone else.
  • Stories default to delete after 24 hours. With resharing, enable that reshare to be visible for 24 hours from the time of resharing up to 48 hours from when the original Story was posted.
  • Alternatively, allow for 24 hours to be added after each reshare until there are no more reshares that keep the public post visible.
  • Or alternatively, perhaps use another maximum such as 96 hours from when the original Story was posted.
  • Or alternatively, strictly delete all reshares 24 hours after the original Story was posted. A reason to do this is to emphasize that the content is only visible for that time.
  • Also allow Chats to be sent to friends. Typically Chats are available until viewed, but for resharing Public Stories, these Chat would actually expire at the same time as described above for Stories.
  • Provide a setting for people with Public Stories to choose to not require that their public Stories be deleted by some amount of time in Chats.
  • Provide a setting for people with Public Stories to choose the maximum or no maximum time that Stories are visible to be viewed that have been reshared.
  • A reason to not do this is that resharing including with comments could result in saying critical comments about what someone had made and so result in people not wanting to share as much, whereas today without resharing there is some feeling of intimacy that the post won’t matter.
  • A reason that resharing on Snapchat may not significantly discourage sharing is that Snapchat Stories still defaults to delete after 24 hours, and so critical comments are still only relevant for that time or at most almost 48 hours if resharing extends the time that post can be viewed by at most 24 hours.
  • Opportunity for Snapchat is to enable people to reshare media.
  • Challenge may be to enable resharing media while also not distracting from the focus of the app to be about creating photos/videos about your day.
  • Challenge is to be clear that public Stories can be shared but that friends only Stories can’t be shared.
  • Alternatively, instead of “My Shares” name that “My Reshares” for clarity about content not being yours.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets