Idea: Music / movie / show filter for Snapchat based on audio in video (#26)

Purpose is to enable automatically showing a filter for a given artist / movie / show by matching the audio to a database of sounds.

Visit Camera view, make video, swipe to see a song filter because a song was heard in the video, swipe again to see that there is a TV Show that uses that song as well and is a match based on show dialogue heard in the video. Swipe again to show no filter, then tap “X” to review to Camera view. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • There are a number of kinds of filters.
  • Recently announced filters include sports scores based on being at a particular sports events.

Proposed idea:

  1. Camera view. Tap to make video.
  2. Swipe to see music filter.
  3. Swipe to see TV show filter.
  4. Swipe to no filter.
  5. Tap “X” to return to Camera view.


  • Perhaps people would want to use official filters to show their being a fan of particular shows.
  • Filters could even identify which part of a song or show it is to give more context.
  • Artists may use filters and this feature to encourage users to post content, and perhaps content posted to a particular filter could be part of a special Event so more people can watch a range of content together.
  • People may not find this interesting because there might not be a specific reason to do this much.
  • Alternative is that people could simply type in the name of the song.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets