Idea: Search the web such as Google from a Messenger or WhatsApp or Snapchat conversation 4.9.2016 (#111)

Purpose is for ease of accessing web search including in messaging at any time, and perhaps may be more ways to interact with messaging to do web searches.

Start on messaging view, tap on “Web Search” conversation, then tap to search, then send and you get search results back, then tap on the first search result which opens a web page. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Search & messaging today:

  • Search is done using the browser search bar which is typically Google or people use the Google app. The search results are typically 10 blue links with a URL and a “snippet” of text showing the results. And there are some links for images/shopping/etc.
  • Kik messenger released a bot platform.
  • Messaging services are expected to make available bot tools.
  • Businesses are available to be contacted on messaging services.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on the chat view. Tap on the “Web Search” conversation, and that conversation opens. Note that there is no conversation history yet.
  2. Tap to type a search then press “Send.” Note that the links for filtering changes to include “Media” and “News” and more. Also note that there are links that were received back right away as a message.
  3. Tap on the first result to open the webpage.


  • Opportunity is to make web search readily available including in messaging applications.
  • Filtering options such as media are useful for figuring what search results to do.
  • Opportunity to provide possibly more ways to interact with web search using messaging.
  • Perhaps may be more ways to interact with web search that are uniquely possible because of messaging.
Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

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