Idea: Show People tab to see new answers/questions/upvotes/follows by people you follow on Quora (#84)

Purpose is to help people quickly see how many new updates there are by particular people, and then tap to view that content.

Start on the Follows section that shows everyone you follows and the updates for each of answers/questions/upvotes/follows. Tap on the open area of Person 1 to see all of the not yet viewed reverse chronological posts, then tap back and note that the unseen counter has gone down by 1 each that were just viewd. Then tap on “4 follows” to see follows only. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Quora today:

  • Quora offers a “Subscribe” feature to be notified about when someone posts answers or questions. This does not notify about up votes or follows.
  • Perhaps notifications about people subscribed to may not be noticed in the notifications section.
  • You can visit a user’s profile to see what updates have been made. Profile defaults to show answers, and see more activity requires another tap to open.
  • Snapchat enables people to see a list of all friends who have made updates, and tapping on one row lets you view the photos/videos of their posts.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on the new section “Follows” which lists all of the people you follow and shows how many posts made that you haven’t seen yet, including Answers, Questions, Upvotes, and Follows. Tap in the open space on the side to open to see all of the updates that you can vertically scroll through showing all of Answers, Questions, Upvotes, and Follows. Note that the screen is reverse chronological, and happens to show one 1 answer, 1 question, 1 up vote, and 1 follow.
  2. Tap back to return, and note that the numbers shown for unseen is now 1 less for each of answers, questions, upvotes, and follows.
  3. Tap on “4 follows” and note that top says “New” for the 4 remaining new follows, and “Recently viewed” shows the followed question you had just viewed.


  • Opportunity is to help people discover activity when they are ready.
  • Subscribe is useful for seeing answers and questions. Subscribed are featured at the top of the list of people to show updates.
  • Opportunity is to include some of the benefits of Subscribed but focused in the Follows section.
  • Design shows name of the person or entity, the profile photo of the person or image of the entity on the left, then a section for each of answers/questions/upvotes/follows.
  • The things that do not have anything new are in gray text both to have some balance in the design, and importantly you can still tap on the things that aren’t new to go view the posts. For example, someone may have no new questions, but tapping on “questions” shows the most recent questions posted by that person.
  • Tapping outside of the 4 links of answers/questions/upvotes/follows shows all of the updates together based on either “Most recent” or “Recommended.”
  • Follows including following people or questions.

© 2016 D.J. Sherrets