Idea: Show % watched & audio on/off for each viewer of your Snapchat Stories for more feedback about your content (#9)

Purpose is to enable people to get some feedback about how much is being watched. Or only people who watched more than 80% of the video/photo time could be shown so there’s some feedback but doesn’t need to show who skipped through quickly. Aggregate numbers important for users with many followers to inform what to post.

See how much of your Snapchat Stories videos were viewed by tapping on your posted Story video particularly “4ppl” to see the 4 people who viewed your latest Story, then a percentage bar animated on the screen and shows how many seconds viewed and if audio was on or not. Swipe down to close, then tap “My Stories (4)” to view more details about views on more of your Stories. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Snapchat today:

  • Snapchat is about enabling people to share content about their everyday life without thinking about what would get the most comments or feedback.
  • Feedback on Snapchat is based on who of your friends decides to watch your Stories.
  • There’s an ability to swipe up to add a private chat as an additional part of feedback.
  • Sometimes people watch Stories with audio off, and so you don’t know if particular people actually heard what you said. This is important to know to figure out who is listening to what you’re saying, or if perhaps this is more a visual experience.

Proposed idea:

  1. Tap on your Story view count to open directly to seeing who viewed your Story.
  2. Story with viewers loads including an animation of how much of your video Story was viewed by which users, such as 100% is 10 seconds. “Audio” is shown for users who had audio on for at least one time of watching your Story. Number of times your Story was viewed is still not shown.
  3. Swipe down to close Story.
  4. Tap on “My Stories (4)” to show the 4 total Stories you have posted that are still visible.


  • Letting people posting Stories see the watch rate for their posts is an opportunity to have some more feedback to decide what to post. Views is a great start, and watch rate helps with figuring if particular content is more or less interesting.
  • Seeing that a particular friend watched your Stories video all the way through provides a clear common topic to talk about, whereas today a view could perhaps be just 1 second of a 10 second view.
  • Important to look at what impact in tests this has on how much people watch, such as if they feel they should watch more of the videos of friends knowing that the friend will see that. Hopefully people watching only continue to watch the amount of the video that they want to watch.
  • Alternative is to highlight what’s the best. So there could be some minimum number of people who have viewed something to then show the overall watch rate percentage rather than by person.
  • Or only identify if someone watched 80% of a video or more, and then not showing anything less than that. Reason is that people may then can still feel fine with choosing to skip videos they want.
  • Determine if the types of videos posted change based on seeing watch rate and seeing audio on or off.
Stories screen is on left then tap on “4ppl” to open the 4 people who viewed your latest Snapchat Story, then swipe down to return to Stories page and tap “My Stories (4)” to see the details on your 3 other Stories. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

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