Idea: Tapping on someone’s profile in “Ask to Answer” showing which answers are related/relevant to the person’s question (#88)

Purpose is to help the person asking to answer to decide whether there are relevant answers, and discover answers that may help the person asking learn about the related answers and/or modify the question based on people’s shared answers.

Start on the Ask to Answer view for a question you asked, then tap on Person 4 to view Person 4‘s Related Answers to that question, which also includes a link to “View by topic” to view the one or more related topics to the question with the ability to select more topics. Tap back then tap to “Ask” Person 4 to answer. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

Quora today:

  • On the Request/Ask to Answer view, today you could tap on a person’s name to see their profile and then go find if there are particular questions they have answered you think are relevant. Opportunity is to show the person which answers by that person specifically are thought to be related/relevant.

Proposed idea:

  1. Start on the Ask to Answer view about your question “What makes for good conversation topics?” Tap on Person 4 to view Person 4’s profile. Note the top bar says “Person 1’s Related Answers” and Related Answers are shown to the question. Note there is a link for “View by topic” which enables to view the person’s answers by one topic or a combination of multiple topics.
  2. Tap back to the Ask to Answer.
  3. Tap to “Ask” Person 4 to answer the question.


  • Opportunity is to help people see why a particular person may be able to answer your question.
  • Perhaps seeing the related/relevant answers may even help with answering the question, or inspire a specific follow-up question/request to the person for their expertise.
  • “View by topic” could work similar to the viewer in Ask to Answer today in Quora that lets you select a particular topic and see the recommended people. A difference could be to default that selecting multiple topics selects all topics and shows all answers for those topics. A reason is that way the person viewing can see as many answers as related.
  • “View by topic” could default toselecting all of the relevant topics to the question then you can unselect topics you don’t want and/or select more topics.
  • Alternatively, maybe some way for the user interface to be clear about select multiple topics to see a person’s answers in some case, and only one topic at a time in another case.
  • This could be interesting to see in practice how related/relevant the answers are that to a given question that are thought for a person to be recommended to ask.
The circle shows where tapped in the design. Designed by D.J. Sherrets.

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