Lab — Version Alpha

Asad Bhatti
Feb 19, 2019 · 3 min read

DJABA is actively navigating hurdles and before it can start to actively develop the CAVs, the scaled city has to be put in place.

The plan involves laying layer of sub-floor material that acts as a flat and true surface upon which the vinyl based printing would be applied.

One of our talented team members took on the challenge to develop the layout of the streets within the smart city. Bhavishay Thapar actively lead the design — utilizing tools such as AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator to develop a vibrant map for the scaled city. Checkout this sick preview!

To develop the sub-floor layer, the team has utilized Dri-Core sub-flooring material. The materials ordered in December have finally arrived! :D

The deployment process of the sub-flooring was a challenge on its own thanks to an uneven floor (yikes) and a room that is not a perfect rectangle .

This was a surprise but DJABA was prepared to find a solution and find we did!

The team begin to cut and stagger tiles as needed for them to “fill” the room.

The team utilized spacers underneath the tiles to work around the uneven floor and soldiered on.

Staggering and cutting the tiles according to the features with the room worked well. The team worked around the clock to cover every inch of the intended scaled city space with sub-floor base material.

Progress continued within the room over a span of days to get the sub-flooring done as fast as possible…

Here’s how the room turned out! The pink rosin paper is laid out so that vinyl map may be installed on to it.

350 tiles — sweat, blood and tears later..

Oh and remember that huge space we once had to work in. DJABA a team of 5, now works in the left over space :’(

Just kidding our spirits are just as high! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this update,

Stay Tuned!

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