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Asad Bhatti
Feb 19, 2019 · 3 min read

DJABA is proud to announce its partner & sponsors who are actively aiding the team in making the project a reality.

SHEVS lab’s role is instrumental in providing the team with the space and funding for the core development of the project. SHEVS plan is to use this lab as an in-house self-driving algorithmic test facility.

DJABA won the GMs award for innovation and is proud to announce GM as a sponsor! General Motors mentors DJABA at a high level and is providing DJABA with an influx of cash and technical support.

As a Canadian automotive pioneer that is actively engaged in developing self-driving vehicles — GM has made major strides with its subsidiary brands such as Cadillac in pursuit of self driving systems.

DJABA won the Magna’s New Mobility Award! Magna as a sponsor takes a keen interest in the technological development of self driving systems.

ConnectTech Astro Carrier Board + NVIDIA Jetson TX2 kit

Connect Tech is a major sponsor of hardware for the team and have funded the Astro Carrier Boards for development of CAV vehicles.

These boards are a sophisticated piece of kit, developed in house. The boards communicate with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 modules via breakout boards also developed in house, to provided a ton of modern interfaces — not limited to USB, Wifi, LAN, HDMI, GPIO, UART, I2C!

Arrow Electronics have graciously sponsored NVIDIA Jetson TX2 modules which are the bleeding edge of programmable embedded computing devices in its respective form factor!

The team is having a blast integrating and actively developing on the hardware and we can’t wait to share our progress!

Stay Tuned,


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