The Room — CPH 2387

Asad Bhatti
Feb 19, 2019 · 2 min read

DJABA took an initiative to work with SHEVS lab, with the goal to develop a scaled urban city along with 3 deployable CAV (connected autonomous vehicles) vehicles. The vehicles boast a whole host of sensory equipment including but not limited to a LIDAR, Camera and IMU — more on that in our future blog.

The team is set on its path to develop the lab. The lab is located in CPH (Carl A. Pollock Hall) located on the East side of the University of Waterloo Campus.

The lab was initially an office space used by the Smart Hybrid Electric Vehicles (SHEVS) Lab. DJABA with a get it done attitude — has collaborated with Professor Nassar Azad to get the lab cleared up for development of the city.

The room itself is split into two sections. The top ~square section is 23 feet by 24 feet and will primarily be used to house the scaled smart city. The bottom rectangle is 7.5 feet by 12 feet — this area is primarily used by the team to develop the scaled city as well the scaled cars. The grey square in the image is a pillar within the room.

To get an idea of the room — here’s a picture of the empty lab yet to evolve in to DJABA’s vision! The picture is taken from the top left corner in reference to the floor plan picture shown above.

Hope you enjoyed a tour of our work space!



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