Week — 1 Orientation and Python practice

Awesome start to Code Camp


The Django Girls Code Camp will meet every Saturday for seven weeks from 1pm — 6pm. We used the same venue that we used for Django Girls workshop. At the start of planning, some of the more experienced programmers were very ambitious with what we could accomplish in that time. We eventually got the curriculum down to a more manageable amount, going back to the basics more in-depth: Python 3 weeks, Django (html, css, sql) 3 weeks.

We are already reached the mid-way of our Code-Camp. So far, it has been truly an amazing journey! Some of the participants have already completed Code Academy and further polishing their coding skills by solving problems on Hacker Rank

Week -4 Code along in progress
Hacker Rank has promised to award t-shirts and gifts to top 3 members of the Code Camp based on their scores in Python section of their website. A little bit about Hacker Rank: The HackerRank team is on a mission to flatten the world by restructuring the DNA of every company on the planet. We rank programmers based on their coding skills, helping companies source great programmers and reduce the time to hire.

One of the key features of our Code Camp is to be able to retain the knowledge gained from regular meeting every Saturday. Participants keep practicing in their free time throughout the week. There are couple of coaches who are have willing to help students either by meeting at coffee shop or through Slack.

Asking questions through slack (Both Korean and English language)

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