In March 2017, the Civics Analytics Network, comprised of U.S. government open data leaders, issued “An Open Letter to the Open Data Community” that called for open data platforms to “continue to evolve to meet the public’s growing and changing needs.”

Today, as Project DKAN enters a new phase of open data leadership, we want to publicly acknowledge this call to action, and document these with respect to future development of the DKAN open data platform.

What we’ve done

In the DKAN GitHub repository, we’ve created a specific Civic Analytics Network label. For each guideline, we’ve added a respective issue where we will respond accordingly, provide status updates and eventually resolve into the platform in one form or another.

You can find (and comment on) each here:

Next steps

As we develop the DKAN roadmap (coming soon), we will work to incorporate CAN input into our development pipeline. Over time, we will begin to comment and address how DKAN meets these guidelines or will work to incorporate into future releases. In some cases, such as “set clear transparent pricing,” this may not have apple-to-apples applications, as DKAN is a free and open source project and pricing will vary based on the developing, hosting and supporting organization.

As we begin to actively engage with the open data community at large, we will continue to document input from every individual and organization.

We want to publicly thank the Civic Analytics Network for providing insight into how we here at Project DKAN can address the needs of both open data practitioners, but also ones of the “wider audience.”

As desired by CAN in its open letter, we’re serious about and ready to “work and communicate more openly and effectively,” and this is just the beginning.

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