DKAN D8 Sprint and DKAN Office Hours

We’ve begun work on a Drupal 8 version of DKAN, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it at the DKAN Open Data Summit this Wednesday at Drupal GovCon. We’d also love to get you involved!

The DKAN team will be having an all day sprint in the Coders’ Lounge on Friday, developing the new version of the platform. We’d love for you come swing by and pick up a ticket, learn more about the project, ask any questions you might have about DKAN or open data more generally, or just to chat about what you’ve been doing working on.

So come find us any time Friday in the Coder’s Lounge for a chat. You can also reach out to us on DKAN Slack at in the #event-dkan-summit channel to get a hold of us any time during GovCon.

Don’t forget to register for the summit at and to sign up for Drupal GovCon. It’s all free!

See you there!