Product Story: Custom Shortcut, the secret to simplifying complex actions

by Yudistiro Adi



People love shortcuts.

That is why listicle articles — which summarize a few thousand words article into five concise bullet points– and videos explaining complicated issues in less than 10 minutes become popular. It serves as a shortcut for them to understand complex issues in a short time.

After all, the goal of shortcuts is to make things easier and faster for everyone.

Tech companies have been implementing shortcuts to automate complicated tasks. PC users must be familiar with the Desktop Shortcuts, which enable them to run programs in just one click. There is also the Keyboard Shortcuts, which save them from lengthy mouse scrolling and clicking.

Unfortunately, shortcuts are not that common in mobile phone apps. Most users still have to accomplish complicated tasks through lengthy steps, sometimes switching back and forth between menus. For some, this process could be frustrating to do.

Custom Shortcut is one of our attempts to answer their need for efficiency while using the Jago app.

What is Custom Shortcut?

How many steps do you have to take just to top up an e-wallet from your mobile banking app?

  1. Open the mobile banking app;
  2. Select Transfer/Top-up menu;
  3. Scroll to find the e-wallet account, then click it;
  4. Input the top-up amount;
  5. Type in your PIN or Face ID to finalize the transaction.

At least, there are five steps you have to take.

That might not be a problem if you only have one account to top up. However, most people nowadays have more than one e-wallet account, which means they have to repeat these steps for each account. The process could take quite a long time, which is inconvenient.

Our Custom Shortcut cuts down these steps in half.

Instead of opening multiple menus, users can set up shortcuts for their recurring transactions on their Jago app home screen. Shortcuts can automate a wide variety of actions — for example, paying bills, transferring money to another account, and more. Users can also choose to preset the transaction amount in the shortcut.

Back to the e-wallet top-up task, with our Custom Shortcut, the process becomes like this:

  1. Open the Jago app;
  2. Click the shortcut;
  3. Input PIN or Touch/Face ID to finalize the transaction.

Much easier, right? In the end, a shortcut is a quick way to get one or more tasks done with your apps. And that’s what our Custom Shortcut does.

Developing Custom Shortcut

During the development process, we were inspired by the macro concept, which was most notably used in Microsoft Excel, Adobe Actions, and the more practical example by Amazon with Amazon Dash.

The core of the concept is you can run the same action you have done before with just 1 or 2 touches of a button, or however you have set that button to be.

For design, at a glance, our custom shortcuts look just like the other shortcuts/features in the Jago app. That‘s the goal. We want to make it as familiar as possible so users can use Custom Shortcuts without a hitch.


We want to create products that complement our users’ active and busy lifestyles. Simplicity is the key.

Users shouldn’t waste their valuable time repeating the same steps over and over again. We are offering a solution by creating the Custom Shortcut feature, which aims to simplify users’ recurring tasks and provide convenience.

We aim to have more features that make it easier for users to complete their recurring financial tasks. So, stick around and find out more updates from us in the near future!

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