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Launching on Milkomeda

Grant funding and founder fuel for startups building on Milkomeda C1, the new EVM-compatible Cardano sidechain

As many of you know, Milkomeda is a new protocol for blockchain interoperability, delivering EVM-compatible Layer 2 solutions for alternative L1 blockchains. We’re proud to have been working with dcSpark, the team behind the tech, since the start of their journey, and we’re delighted to see the next phase of their growth kick off as they launch the Milkomeda C1 beta mainnet into production (there’s a rumor going around that this might happen as soon as next week) They grow up so fast!

The network, an EVM-compatible Cardano C1 sidechain, will be launching with support from a number of existing apps, and although we look forward to using them, what we’re obviously most excited about is the opportunity to help new founders deploy new and novel things into this new ecosystem. The benefits of building on the Milkomeda L2 are numerous: Transactions are fast and cheap, and don’t require a separate token for gas (Wrapped ADA is the native token), which makes it easily accessible to both Cardano and Ethereum users. Most importantly, the development experience is familiar: if you’ve already been building Solidity-based EVM apps, you can easily port those apps to Milkomeda and launch to a whole new audience of users. We hope that it’ll also be a great place to debut novel projects that don’t exist on other chains, and the we know that the team will be actively promoting these types of projects over the coming months.

To make deploying on Milkomeda even more appealing, we’re partnered up with the dcSpark team to launch the Milkomeda Accelerator, which will provide grant funding, hands-on support, and resources to the most promising projects. Selected projects will receive $10k USDC in grant funding, as well as regular touch points with the dcSpark team and dlab. They’ll also get:

  • 6 weeks of hands-on programming, mentorship, and priority technical support from dcSpark and ourselves
  • Featured status and promotion during the Milkomeda C1 public beta mainnet launch
  • Live-streamed program showcase where they’ll demo their product to new users
  • Access to future funding options from dlab and program partner VCs investing in the Milkomeda ecosystem
  • Access to global networks

Over the past 4 years dlab has built a strong reputation for discovering and accelerating promising blockchain and web3 projects at the earliest stages. We’re extremely excited that we’re now able to start applying those skills to help our maturing portfolio companies grow their own ecosystems. While we’ve been facilitating grants (and investments, natch) for quite some time now, this is the first time we’ll be providing these capabilities as a service to the portfolio. We hope to do a lot more of this in the future, and we’re grateful to dcSpark for the opportunity to work with them.

If you have a compelling project you’d like to build on Milkomeda C1, apply for the Milkomeda Accelerator now. Applications for round 1 are due by April 22 and are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.



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