DLT Bootcamp Ep. 1 — Applications are open [1–3 March]

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Application deadline: 21st February, 2019

We’re launching the first ever DLT Bootcamp between 1–3 March 2019 in London for industry professionals and corporate executives who are looking to launch their own startup and build a DLT product. You’ll get access to decades of experience in launching and growing startups, working with DLT, venture capital. All funded by the UK Government. 🇬🇧

Here’s to the professionals who want to do more with their lives than just sit behind a desk for another 10 years 😩

You have been there and done that — and learned the ins and outs of your industry vertical for the last 5–10 years. Wherever you come from — media, advertising, logistics, supply chain, finance, legal or something completely different we know what is keeping you up at night.

You’ve heard the buzz around technology startups and after the long boring days at work you read magazine articles, attend meet-ups when you can and try to learn as much as you can about this new world.

There were things at work that looked unsolvable — but the DLT ushered in a new reality.

You can see how to make things in your field easier, better and more efficient — and maybe you even tried but your colleagues thought you were chasing pipe dreams.

But you keep thinking about the new solutions and wondering how to make these after work dreams into your daily reality.

We have the answer — DLT Bootcamp 🚀

Our DLT Bootcamp has been designed specifically for people with industry experience who have great ideas but need help in moving the needle.

Attending a DLT Bootcamp will provide a rapid injection of know-how and experience on how to build a tech startup from scratch, and how to design solutions based on DLT that can leverage the promise of immutability, authenticity, transparency and censorship resistance.

The Bootcamp schedule is focused on helping teams to lay the foundations necessary to their ideas to become successful realities. This is not a classroom type event. With no more than 15 people attending this intense weekend teams will leave the Bootcamp with a design brief (suitable to take to a developer) and a presentation deck ready to share with network on Monday.

Things will kick off on Friday evening with drinks and an informal meetup so all members of the cohort can meet the coaches and each other.

On Saturday morning things will kick off bright and early the cohort will be divided up into teams and taken through simulation designed to give everyone the experience what it is like to set up a startup. Followed by a debriefing, everyone will have actionable takeaways for the afternoon sessions of workshops.

After lunch, there will be small group workshops on technology, product design, and business strategy. These sessions will be lead with our coaches — each of whom has a tremendous amount of experience in their respective fields.

The workshops will run concurrently and each group will have no more than five participants to ensure maximum collaboration and output. Teams will be able to implement the new knowledge and advance your new ideas instantly. By the end of Saturday afternoon, teams will have the initial plans for a design brief and a rough idea of the main building blocks of your business.

On Sunday, teams will work individually with our coaches on a rotational basis with the goal of finalizing your design brief and pitch outline. DLT Bootcamp will finish with a fantastic send-off — each team will present a sales pitch for their nearly polished business idea with all the major variable of the business thought out. The team who has made the most significant progress during the weekend will be chosen — by you, not us.

The work does not end once the Bootcamp is over — on the contrary, it only starts — but this is the fun part. You’ll be ready to find your first client and sign them in the form of a beta, pilot contract or a letter intent. After DLT Bootcamp you will have the tools and the knowledge to take this next big step on your startup journey.

A few weeks after Bootcamp we will have a one-on-one to discuss how your new business is doing and how we can continue to help you move forward.

Our team has ran accelerators, startups, built businesses from scratch for decades and we’re certain that our DLT Bootcamp will bring maximum value to all those industry professionals who have domain expertise and network but lack the technical and product acumen to get started.

Stay tuned, we’ll introduce our coaches soon!

We’ll launch you in a weekend.

Spaces are limited, only inviting 10 founders! Click here to apply!

DLT LAB and the DLT Bootcamp is a CASTS supported project.