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DLT — A Mission Driven Company

Introducing DLTx a public company focused on public open source blockchains & the digital economy

Today, we are excited to introduce DLT and our vision to the world!

“DLT strives to be the preferred vehicle for investors seeking liquid exposure to distributed ledger technologies, digital assets, and the new digital economy”

DLT (symbol: DLTX.OL), listed on the Oslo Børs, part of Euronext, the largest stock exchange in Europe, offers investors unique access to the most interesting investment opportunities at the forefront of the shift from a centralized to a decentralized global digital economy.

We are building a diversified portfolio of the best use cases in distributed ledger technologies across protocols, platforms, applications, wallets and digital assets. Prioritizing non-dilutive funding, we will develop cash generating ventures where cash flows are reinvested to build a market leading portfolio of cutting-edge investments. DLT will leverage the experience and networks of our team, who have pioneered massive scale protocols supporting billions of dollars in value in the blockchain ecosystem. We are on a mission to expand the impact to distributed ledger technologies to benefit users and entrepreneurs around the world and create value for our shareholders in the process.

To maximize impact and global mindshare, DLT will market under the brand name “DLTx.” DLTx will be easily recognizable within the digital ecosystem and will serve as an entry point for investors looking to gain exposure to this new digital economy.

This is the beginning of the journey and we are inviting everyone to join us on our quest to learn about, participate in, build out, and profit from a more honest, democratic, and prosperous world, society, and economy.

“Everything that can be decentralized, will be decentralized.”
David Johnston, COO, DLT (2014)

This simple statement captures the trend that has unfolded over the past 12 years as distributed ledger technologies have seen one successful use case after another. In 2009, Bitcoin blazed the way as decentralized, digital gold. Ethereum followed in 2015 with smart contracts enabling infinite algorithmic transactions and tokenization of real world and digital assets. Today, decentralized finance (or DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are disrupting finance, offering access to assets and yield products, and opening whole new ways for people to buy art, play games, and otherwise bring liquidity and access of the digital world to mainstream consumers, businesses, and governments.

The Decentralization Story So Far:

Bitcoin brought the world honest and borderless value transfers powered by a platform which enables “truth without trusting.” The systems supported by distributed ledgers enable peer-to-peer communication and transaction without centralized regulation, and obviate the need for attorneys, bankers, or accountants. Combined with the frictionless interchangeability and mobility of data and digitized value, this new economy promises the creation and redistribution of value in a pattern larger and faster than ever experienced by humanity.

In 2013, David Johnston wrote the “General Theory of Decentralized Applications,” which introduced the concept of “Dapps” (or Decentralized applications) and identified the four fundamentals that were key to Bitcoin’s success. We believe these four fundamentals remain the foundation of decentralized systems’ success. They include systems that are:

  1. Open Source — The first key is that the code must be free and open to all.
  2. Peer-to-Peer — Every user in the network can do all the functions in the network.
  3. Blockchain — An open ledger updated by all the nodes on the network.
  4. Token Rewards — Software with its own incentive model keeps it independent.

The net result of these factors are open, transparent platforms that support peer-to-peer communications and transactions, which eliminates the need to know or trust your counterparty.

Proposed in early 2014 and released in late 2015, Ethereum embraced this model and created a platform for unstoppable decentralized applications to run on a “world computer” now valued at over $200 billion. Being able to operate on Ethereum empowers developers to build their programs for a global audience with tokens providing a massive source of funding for their projects. Chainlink, for example, built a robust oracle system atop the Ethereum rails. UniSwap soon followed with one of the world’s most popular decentralized Ethereum-based exchanges. Both projects are now worth $10+ billion.

In short, open public blockchain networks are replacing the old, centralized hierarchies. We will look to anticipate and profit from the evolution of the infrastructure of social and economic systems towards these decentralized platforms and economies.

How To Decentralize The World:

Future systems will protect and guide their communities by leveraging the intelligence of the crowd over the reliance on biased and conflicted middlemen and centralized authorities.

DLTx supports public, permissionless, open source, blockchain networks because they offer the broadest benefit to users around the world and are free of the friction that comes with private, patented, or rent seeking companies acting as middlemen. In our vision of the future, users own the networks they use and benefit from them in numerous ways.

As a technology company, DLTx will support the development of the new digital economy in a direct manner, including: supporting core developers, running validation nodes, holding governance tokens, providing liquidity, and partnering with communities to create, grow, distribute, and solidify their place and value within the thriving new global digital economy.

“Communities, not technology, create value.”
James Haft, Executive Chairman of DLT (2017)

How DLT Will Evaluate Technology, Projects, & Partnerships:

The DLTx team, including our advisory board, are uniquely positioned to evaluate, access, and support the rising platforms, protocols, exchanges, and wallets that will be the backbone of the new decentralized global digital economy. We have the proven ability to assess the technology, teams, and market prospects of rising stars and select and support those with the potential for outsized impact on the global economy, driving exponential value creation.

DLT is the first publicly listed company offering a global focus on the new digital decentralized economy — a market dominated by confusing, complex, technology driven, private and illiquid investments.

Why DLT Launched In Norway:

“Norway is among the best positioned markets to lead the adoption of distributed ledger technologies.”
Thomas Christensen, CEO of DLT (2020)

Norway leads the global transition towards a cashless society with a sophisticated payments industry. It has the highest number of cashless transactions per capita and lowest number of withdrawals from an ATM in the world. Mobile payments were introduced in the Nordics as early as 2012, giving the region a lead in mobile wallet adoption. In Norway, 82% of the population has tried mobile peer-to-peer payments at least once. As proven early adopters of payment solutions, we believe Norwegians will prove to be early adopters of the new decentralized digital economy.

The Vikings were innovators who built ships which took them much further than imaginable. Nansen and Amundsen explored to the very ends of the Earth, and by leveraging its natural resources, Norway has built the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund to invest on behalf of future generations. It’s our belief that we can use this spirit of innovation, exploration, and curiosity to explore and monetize the paradigm-shifting developments we expect in the new digital economy.

Furthermore, DLT’s listing on Oslo Børs, an exchange world recognized for its transparency and liquidity, provides investors unique peace of mind in the often opaque market for digital assets.

The DLT Strategy:

We embrace a long term, multi-cycle view and our strategy is to be long on the best protocols and platforms. We offer our shareholders exposure to the developing new digital economy and will work relentlessly to create alpha along the way.

Our Approach

  1. Co-invest in JVs to build non-dilutive, cash generating ventures like digital asset mining, staking, validating, and equity investments
  2. Invest these cash flows into new decentralized use cases
  3. Maintain a long-term investment horizon
  4. Re-invest proceeds from asset sales when better protocols or technologies are developed
  5. Access capital markets opportunistically

The Journey Is Just Beginning!:

A once in a generation change is taking place. The world is evolving from cumbersome, exclusionary legacy systems to dynamic digital platforms that are accessible to all.

These platforms provide trustless transactions and enable the protected expression of free will, freedom of speech, and wealth creation. We believe this change is inevitable and our goal is to be a supporting contributor at the forefront of this revolution.

Visit us at www.dltx.com & join us on our journey on by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter



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