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DLTx — Titan IO Investment

April 2021, we made an investment in Titan IO Inc., a company the DLTx team believes will be an industry leader in pooled bitcoin mining operations. In recent years, we have witnessed a maturation in the digital asset mining sector with larger, more sophisticated players entering the space, and seen a significant opportunity in the development of tools and services to support this rapid growth. Titan provides miners with sophisticated mining-specific software and the ability to participate in North America’s first enterprise-grade mining pool.

The DLTx team is impressed by the combined decades of blockchain/software engineering experience the Titan team brings to the industry. We feel they are the right team at the right time, a sentiment shared by Titan Pool participants, such as CoinMint and Core Scientific as well as investors such as Coinbase Ventures. DLTx’ mission is to invest in the teams that will advance the decentralized economy and we feel that Titan will certainly play its role in laying out the next layer of mining infrastructure. We are glad to be part of their journey!

For more information on Titan, please visit their website www.titan.io

DLTx is a public company traded on the Olso exchange in Norway under the DLTx ticker.

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