Dlugosch Lab, University of Arizona

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
1041 E Lowell St.
Tucson, AZ 85721
Lab: 520–626–0902 | Fax: 520–621–9190

Dr. Katrina Dlugosch

Assistant Professor
Phone: 520–621–6058
Office: BSW 424

Dr. Pat Lu-Irving
Postdoctoral Associate

Pat’s website
Office: BSW 321A

Research: Character evolution in invasive species

Check out Pat’s Lantana crowdfunding campaign!

Dr. David Hembry
PERT Postdoctoral Fellow

David’s website
Office: BSW 333

Research: Evolutionary consequences of transitions between mutualism and parasitism

Dr. Hannah Marx
Postdoctoral Associate

Hannah’s website
Office: BSW 321

Research: Patterns and processes influencing the diversity of plant communities

Joseph Braasch
PhD Candidate

Office: BSW 333

Research: Variation in the potential for adaptation within and among plant communities

F. Alice Cang
PhD Candidate

Office: BSW 333

Research: Evolution of genome size and transposable elements during invasion

Alyssa Smith 
PhD Student


Office: BSW 333

Research: Ecosystem impacts of intraspecific genomic variation in plants

Elizabeth Carpenter 
MS Student

Office: BSW 333

Research: Ecological genomics of response to microbial interactions in yellow starthistle

Current Undergraduates

Elisa Acosta, Joseph Black, Kaija Broders, Alexus Cazares, Maria Johnson, Adelina Lane, Zak Piekarski, Ana Bea Rodriguez, Alex Skomro

Congrats to our 2017 graduates! See some of their posters of undergraduate research here.

Former Lab Members

Dr. Shana Welles

Postdoctoral Associate-2017
Now: Schmid College Teaching and Research Fellow at Chapman University
Shana’s website

Dr. Brittany Barker

PERT Postdoctoral Fellow-2016
Now: Ecologist, USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (Boise, ID)
Brittany’s website

Angela Kaczowka

MS 2017
Now: Assistant Professor of Practice and PhD student, Dept of Agricultural Education, University of Arizona
Angela’s website

Heather Gillette

Undergrad ’16, Collaborator
Now: PhD student, Northern Arizona University

Samantha Anderson

MS 2016
Now: Graduate student, Sarah Lawrence College

Brianna McTeague

MS 2014
Now: Technician, US Forest Service, Dorena Genetic Resource Center (Cottage Grove, OR)

Former Technicians

Andrew Cummings
Julia Harencar
Linnea Herbertson (now Dr. Linnea Honeker!)
Kristin Nurkowski

Former Undergraduates

2011: Seth W Smith; 2012: Fernando Dominguez, Karen Gonzales, Rudy Phillips, Wendy Wong; 2013: Janelle Cocio, Duyen Vo; 2014: Kevin Gibson, Celeste Patterson, Michael Rivera, Sonya Tran; 2015: Natalie Hamdan, Sarah Hefferan, Benjamin Horn, Kristin Leger, Hailey Sounart, Thuy Tran; 2016: Danielle Eastin, Lucas Gomez, Ahmed Hourani, Lizel Mendoza, Jasmyne Pacheco, Ian Trushell, Jack Welchert; 2017: Elisa Acosta, Joseph Aspinwall, Rhiannon Bauer, Alexus Cazares, Alec Christensen, Ashley Davis, Shelby Dolgaard, Jesse Duarte, Danica Evidente, Joshua Fowler, Albert Leotta, Joanna Mihelich, Augustina Rosati, Alex Skomro, Jake Wilkie, Christina Winkler, Jeffrey Wooton, Jenny Wong, Maia Zaiee

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