Undergraduate Scholar Scientists

Directed Study with Dr. Katrina Dlugosch

Are you:

• Planning to take the biology core courses? 
 = Ecology (ECOL302), Genetics (ECOL320), Evolution (ECOL335)

• Interested in getting research experience in
 Ecology, Evolution, and Genetics?

• Interested in participating in a community of students doing
 research and studying for the core courses together?

If so, then this opportunity may be for you!


The Dlugosch lab (http://dlugoschlab.arizona.edu) has been studying how populations of the plant yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) have been evolving after being introduced to different parts of the world. We have evidence that interactions with microbes have been important to recent evolution in the plant. A group of Scholar Scientists in this program will culture and identify microbes in the plant microbiome, and study the effects that these microbes have on the plants. Scholar Scientists will analyze their own data and prepare a poster for the undergraduate research poster session in the Spring.


The Scholar Scientists will be part of a cohort of students conducting research and meeting weekly to discuss progress in research and core courses. We will read additional material to delve deeper into the subjects, and discuss strategies to boost academic performance and prospects for future careers.


  • Enroll in Directed Studies for 3 credits (9 hours / week) in both Fall and Spring. (This includes 1 hr a week of meeting with the cohort, 
    and a total of 9 hrs / week of work on research and cohort activities).
  • Plan to enroll in all three core courses.


Download application here
and send to Dr. Dlugosch (kdlugosch@email.arizona.edu) by Weds Aug 29.