Daily Report — Monday, Feb 27, 2017

  1. Trump seeks to increase military spending by $54 billion. The 10% increase in defense spending comes from decreasing the budgets of programs dedicated to education, environment, science, and foreign aid. Social Security and Medicare will remain unchanged. The proposal could meet resistance from both Republicans and Democrats. [New York Times]
  2. Homeland Security may relax hiring requirements for border patrol. Memos suggest that lowering the standards could be required to meet the hiring goals, from 19,627 to 26,370, that president Trump recently ordered. [The Hill]
  3. U.S. Justice Department dropped its objection to strict Texas voter-ID law. The department previously considered the law to be intentionally racially discriminatory. More than 600k eligible voters do not possess the required type of identification. Texas legislators will have an opportunity to revise the law. [Washington Post]
  4. Trump’s Navy Secretary nominee withdrew, citing financial concerns. Philip Bilden expressed concern about his ability to unwind potential financial conflicts with his family business. [The Guardian]
  5. Trump attacked the New York Times. During an interview with Breitbart, the president accused the newspaper of evil intentions. [The Hill]
  6. George W. Bush criticized Donald Trump. The former president said an independent investigation of potential Russian involvement in the election was needed. He also said the media is an indispensable part of democracy, necessary to keep powerful people accountable. [New York Times]
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