Net Neutrality

If you use the internet net neutrality affects you.

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If your business depends on the internet, your livelihood depends on it.

Over the last couple of days if you have been anywhere near the internet, you’ve come across content regarding net neutrality. You know it’s a situation when Google, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, Medium and PornHub are all on the same page. Congress has received over 5 million emails about this, 2 million of which have been in the last 24 hours.

Here’s the most basic breakdown of net neutrality and why we’re reaching out.

Net Neutrality essentially means that your internet service provider cannot speed up or slow down your connection because a large corporation pays them to do so.

Loss of net neutrality will completely devastate any level playing field in internet business, essentially shutting down millions of small businesses that depend on the internet. This would also open up the possibility of corporations with the largest sums of money deciding to slow down access to content they don’t agree with.

Any business dependent on the internet and anyone who uses the internet is affected by this.

You CAN do something about this, but you have to do it by Monday, July 17th — so NOW! It takes less than a minute.

Click HERE and fill in the information. Press send. Done.

We look forward to continuing to work with you at the highest internet speeds possible.

Thank you,

The Dmorph Team

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