Towards a Reliable File Transfer Solution for TV Stations

Adopting a file-based production workflow is a challenge as the industry continuously evolves. From upgrading to UHD resolutions to accommodating a variety of internet speeds to meeting global demands, file transfer tools can make or break production workflows. Commonly used methods for sending media files are either slow, atrociously tedious, or ridiculously expensive.

Industry Challenge 1: Moving mountains of media

The industry-model in shipping physical media is inefficient. Physical media is prone to damage and is subject to weather conditions. Backups of backups are needed just in case a hard-drive fails during its travel or because of old age. As automated workflows necessitate media transfer over IP networks, the convenience of online transfer adds pressure on the whole industry to make the switch. Fortunately, with increasing internet speeds, online file transfer has become a viable solution for moving mountains of media.

Originally published at on February 16, 2017.