App Connect: A gentle introduction to the mighty front-end framework [PART 1]

It’s easier than ever to create great single page application or just a fully responsive web project. Meet DMXzone App Connect!

Easiest and most powerful front-end framework ever! There’s a revolution

App Connect is fully integrated in Adobe Dreamweaver and offering mind blowing visual development as a front-end framework. Simplified: it is generating HTML tags and connecting them with backend functions in order to execute dynamic content.

Overview of your app structure and its components hierarchy are live available. You can also drag and drop elements, so you can rearrange the structure. App Connect contains a Visual Layout panel, Data Bindings, Components Library and Component Inspectors for their properties, Events and Dynamic Attribute bindings — all with a mighty clear user interface.

Blazing fast rendering speed of dynamic data will deliver you not only opportunity to build a stunning web applications, but professional as well.

We’re saying ‘Build your website with no coding skills’, and that’s absolutely true. It means that App Connect is generating the code on your behalf! And it is still the best solution for professional web developers, which got great coding skills and a lack of time working on many projects. So it’s targeting a wide range of people: from those who have no coding skills indeed, to experts, looking for opportunities to optimize their efforts.

But first, how to insert the framework to a page?

The only requirement is to have Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015+ installed. Then you go here, download the package and directly add the extension to the application using DMXzone Extension Manager. They’re completely free of charge!

Then you load the App Connect Panel, open a document and select the button “Add DMXzone App Connect to this page”. The magic is happening!

Why App Connect is a declarative framework?

Simple to use, but so powerful JavaScript declarative framework, everything is bind and declared as HTML5 attributes!

App Connect matches modern frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS and Angular for its functionality but it is much easier to use due to its custom component structure and HTML5 Attributes binding. The framework is fully customizable and easy to configure.

For example, the generated code for a simple item image gallery is the following:

<img dmx-bind:alt=”value” class=”img-responsive” dmx-bind:src=”images/{{item_id}}.jpg” />

It’s like using Dynamic HTML to change variables in a web page, which affects the look and function of otherwise “static” HTML page content.

Dynamic attributes? Make it easy with App Connect

Give any standard HTML tag or custom component attribute a dynamic value or expression. Values are dynamically assigned when data is available.

When you insert a component from the App Connect panel, you will see just the HTML tags inserted on your source code.

App Connect offers a very compact but mighty fast front-end, component based, JavaScript framework that run on all modern browsers. Repeat regions, ultra-fast data rendering, data and attributes binding are native part of the extension. No NPM installation required :)

Create more using the built-in components

You can do many things only with App Connect in order to build your app structure. But for your needs, the extension is fully component based and it already got a huge library of add-on component and services available to power every aspect of your dynamic web site or single page web applications: Data Formatter, Data Traversal, State Management, Animate CSS, Form Validator, Medium Editor, Action Scheduler, Server Connect, Browser Info, and much more expected.

In a nutshell, find all the features on Second part of the introduction is coming up next week!