Why I Use DMXzone as a Framework (And You Should, Too!)

The release of the App Connect Form Validator is the right time to jump start for some great webapp creations with the DMXzone App Connect Framework!

As an HTML5 Databindings ‘aficionado’ I was excited when App Connect was introduced. This was going to bring many more possibilities for even greater webapp development using DMXzone Server Connect and App Connect.

Talking with George and the other DMXzone members I was just a little worried that still App Connect was lacking some of the great HTML5 Databindings functionality. State management, Action Scheduler, Paginator, Form Validator among others. ‘Yes we know’, was the answer. ‘But don’t forget that HTML5 Databindings is a mature 4+ years product while AppConnect is a new born child. AppConnect is much more powerful and we are working hard to fill this gap’, George commented. I was sure that they were going to do this fast, it was just a matter of time to reach HTML5 Databindings special features.

When these tools appeared in HTML5 Databindings (State management, Action Scheduler, Paginator, Form Validator) it was the moment that the creation of, great top quality webapps, was taking the shape of a creative process rather than another unending ‘coding debugging’ process.

But why DMXzone?

Let me tell you why DMXzone Framework (Server Connect & App Connect) are one of the best choices if you want to be able to provide affordable custom web development services.

In order to be more productive I did try many tools and frameworks that help you achieve this goal. The great difference between many great tools and the DMXzone Framework is that with DMX you can create almost anything and adapt it on any design or logic. DMXzone Framework adapts on your idea, helps you achieve much faster and with the smallest debugging time possible, almost anything.

Once project’s functionality and goals are described a layout is designed, a database created and all that is left is to bring data to life adapted on the designed layout.

Here you have two choices

One is to start everything from scratch and while this is a very interesting and great option, real life comes to life and reminds you that costs, delivery time and quality of the final result are very important. The other choice is to pick a framework, and again here you have two options.

One is to pick an open source or go with the DMXzone one. If you ask why to do this the answer is simple. It will save you a lot of time in development and debugging. You will create something competitive in 10x less time and with the minimum debugging. But again someone will say. Opensource are free and DMX costs money. Yes, some of you find DMXzone Framework expensive but just think of this.

When you present some of the final result to your client she/he will compare it to other open source webapps she/he will be using. ‘Look how nice it updates, it does not refresh the whole page’ and ‘It loads fast’ are some of the comments you might be listening. While you want to provide best services possible you know how much time and effort is needed to create something that looks and functions like an expensive top quality webapp.

With DMXzone is just a matter of designing the new logic, client wants, use the Server Connect for the Server Side Actions and then use App Connect for giving access to these actions to the end user. And by saying giving access means ‘by creating top quality Front End Interactivity’.

Some say that learning how to Use the ServerConnect and App Connect is very difficult. Really? Have you seen what kind of webapps DMXzone Framework helps you create? Have you tried to create the same results with another Framework? DMXzone is not difficult to use. It has a learning curve just like anything worthwhile has.

You don’t need more developers

Once you get the idea of how it works you only admire the easiness and smoothness of this framework. Working with DMXzone Framework is like having a very experienced Front End and another very experienced Back End developer working for you.

By gaining more knowledge and experience you start taking more from thisgreat Framework.

You know that algorithmic work is dying. You can not keep advancing being more competitive when you dedicate time in creating repetitive tasks, when you need to keep up with new technologies.

DMXzone Framework does the job for you

It provides you all tools needed to be in the front line of the competition.

Start little by little. Accomplish a simple task using DMXzone App Connect and Server Connect. Check their relative videos or ask help from the online help system. Do one thing. Once you will be discovering the power of this Framework you will be doing more and more.

Once you will be seeing the smile in the face of you clients you will be gain more trust to this powerful framework.