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Identity beyond Disability

Intersectional Approaches to Disability

Illustration showing intersectional characteristics
Sarah (left), Eve (right) — two wheelchair users.

Intersectionality and Disability

Recognising when an Intersectional Approach is Needed

Which communities are served and which aren’t? Why?

Who gets to participate and who doesn’t? Why?

Who has access to resources and support and who doesn’t? Why?

Who’s voices get heard and who’s don’t? Why?

Lived Experience and Representation

Inclusive Support

  • Positively impact on widening participation goals
  • Boost productivity, wellbeing and mental health
  • Increase attainment & retention
  • Create a positive culture shift towards increased acceptance of diverse learning styles, resulting in improved accessibility and inclusion
See beyond the disability!

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Social enterprise designed and led by dyslexic and disabled students, aimed at sharing and promoting a holistic provision of support strategies and AT training.