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DNF Listing Delay Compensation Policy for IDO & INO Communities

💰DNFT team will provide Bonus Airdrop as listing delay compensation to the users who participated in the IDO/INO from Mantra DAO, Yellow Road & Pacific.

💸The amount of the airdrop will be calculated as 100% APY for the period of listing extension (From 6th July to the Actual Listing Date).

For example:

If you bought 200 $DNF in the IDO/INO and the actual listing date is 25th August, you will roughly get a 27.4 $DNF airdrop as listing delay compensation.

27.4 $DNF = 100%APY* (50Days/365Days) * 200 $DNF

🔥Hope that can make our community investors comfortable!



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DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network towards Web3.0