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Summary of DNFT Ambassador Program 2nd Round

DNFT Ambassador Program of 2nd Round

29 Sep — 13 Oct 2021 we’ve launched the DNFT Ambassador Program of 2nd Round from all over the world. We’ve received 400+ applications during the two weeks. Thank you again to all the DNFT enthusiasts. Because of all your efforts, we managed to build a great program, with various activities where you can contribute.

DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network. It allows users to mint, trade and manages NFT assets across blockchains, e.g. arts, game & metaverse assets, and data models. The mission of DNFT Protocol is to become the infrastructure and NFT entrance to Web 3.0.


After the DNFT team had reviewed the 400+ applications, we’ve chosen totally 102 DNFT Ambassadors including Top 10 Ambassadors and 8 Special DNFT Ambassadors.

Every ambassador can get rewards for the qualified tasks they’ve applied and successfully verified by our Team. Here is the REWARDS LIST for 2nd Round Ambassadors. Go check whether you’re on the list. Additionally,

  • Each Top 10 Ambassador can get 300 $DNF as a bonus
  • Each Special Ambassador can get 100 $DNF as a bonus
  • Top 10 Ambassadors and Special Ambassadors all can get CERTIFICATES for the what they’ve achieved in 2nd Round DNFT Ambassador Program. Check the certificates here.
  • The account with more than 1000 followers when submitted will get 50% extra rewards. For example your twitter account has 1000 followers, then each tweet can get 10 + 50% * 10 = 15 $DNF rewards

$DNF Rewards Distribution

In total, DNFT team has distributed 9285 $DNF to the 102 Ambassadors in 2nd Round DNFT Ambassador Program. Please check the rewards list.

Contract Type: ERC-20

Contract Address: 0x7c8911c69257c074593fd9efdc431f200be27107

Please add DNFT ERC-20 Contract to your wallet and check rewards.

Below we explain the criteria for DNFT team to choose qualified Ambassadors.

Criteria for Qualified Ambassadors

There are some general criteria for DNFT team to choose Qualified Ambassadors

  • All information you’ve submitted must be true, for example the number of followers in your social media account. Any dishonest information will result in the cancellation of DNFT Ambassador and won’t get rewards.
  • You must have at least 200 followers in your relevant social media account
  • The link you’ve submitted must from your own social media account and by your work
  • The content you’ve created should be in the mainstream social media platform(Twitter/Youtube/Medium/Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn…)
  • Each task should be related to DNFT and unique
  • The content link you’ve created only allow to be submitted one time when you apply
  • You must obey the detailed requirements for each type of task, please refer our previous blog
  • If the task you’ve submitted is in Twitter, you must follow DNFT Official Account
  • You should join DNFT Telegram Group

Criteria for Top 10 and Special Ambassadors

In general, the DNFT team will consider the accumulations of the $DNF rewards for all the verified tasks each ambassador submitted. We will also take into account of the

  • Quality of the content you’ve created, for example the video with your own voice to introduce DNFT is regarded as high quality
  • Your own understanding of DNFT Protocol
  • Followers and influence on social media
  • Leadership guidance in the community, especially Telegram Group.

Topics for Tasks

Any topics for promoting the DNFT community are highly recommended for every task. You can check the recommended topics by our previous blog.

Rewards per Task and Requirements

Please refer our previous blog to know the detailed rewards and requirements for Tweet/Short Video/Long Video/Blog.

Contribution to DNFT Community

It is a milestone that we’ve successfully finished the 2nd Round DNFT Ambassador Program. We will soon start the 3rd Round DNFT Ambassador Program Application, please stay updated to our official announcement.

For those who’ve chosen as the 2nd Round Ambassadors, congratulations to what you’ve achieved so far. Please stay enthusiastic in our community. DNFT need your contribution not just in the period of 2 weeks. Don’t stop the content creation in social media and the leadership/guidance in our telegram group. Hope can see you again in the 3rd Round DNFT Ambassadors list.

For those who missed the chance of being DNFT Ambassadors of 2nd Round, we’re looking forward to seeing you in 3rd Round. We will soon start the 3rd Round DNFT Ambassador Program Application.

Most importantly, the growth of DNFT Protocol needs every DNFT ethusiast help, no mater you’re a DNFT Ambassador or not.

Don’t hesitate to support the new comer in our community who is confused about our project.

Don’t be shy to ask any questions in our community when you try to learn more about DNFT.

Don’t be nervous when you introduce DNFT online or talk to your friends when face to face. It’s never too late to be part of the DNFT community.

About DNFT Protocol

DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network. It allows users to mint, trade and manages NFT assets across blockchains, e.g. arts, game & metaverse assets, and data models. By presenting a Data-model as an NFT(DAAN) conception, DNFT pioneers the scenario of NFT applying to the AI industry.

Website | Twitter | Telegram |GitHub | LinkedIn




A decentralized cross-chain NFT network for Web3 | $DNF | We’re hiring!

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DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network towards Web3.0

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