Yacolt Burn 4x4 Trails 2015/2016

A plan to build new trail at low cost with volunteers

Original Phase 1 — 4x4 Trails

Of the phase 1 plan, only a small portion of trail was constructed:

Our proposal for trails the summer & fall of 2015 is 2.65 miles of new 4x4 trail, .55 miles of new ATV trail, .55 miles of new single-track, and ~1 mile of decommissioned trail.

Trail Decommissioning

Last year, 4 miles of trail were decommissioned to motorized use. Another 2.67 miles of trail were decommissioned via the Lower Larch and West Hagen Creek timber sales. At least 6.67 miles of user-built trail and old grades were decommissioned in 2014.

For 2015, the plan is to decommission approximately 1.25 miles of trail. A timber sale planned for 2016 will decommission another 1 mile of trail. This will bring the total miles of decommissioned trail to almost 9 miles, where new built trail from Phase I will be around 7 miles.

Blythe Settlement

There are three specific areas that the Blythe Settlement calls out:

1. DNR shall address the Plaintiffs’ concern for the Larch Mountain Trail regarding a portion of the proposed motorized trail providing access to the non-motorized trail near the L-1511 road by removing the portion of the trail that includes the intersection as depicted on the trail plan map.

There currently exists a user-built trail that goes from the L-1511 road at the cell towers down to the proposed C-9 trail. With Blythe’s permission, we propose that the C-9 trail be constructed to the C-8 trail as proposed, create an access road to C-8 and C-9 trails from L-1511 and install a gate on the L-1511 road, depicted below. Additionally, we would decommission the user-built trail that extends from the L-1511 road to the proposed C-9 trail.

2. DNR shall address the Plaintiffs’ concern involving the intersection or close proximity to the Tarbell (walking) Trail intersection with a proposed 4x4 trail by increasing the separation of these two trails to locate the walking trail out of the sightline of 4x4 trail. DNR shall move the walking trail downhill, as depicted on the trail plan.

The area of concern previously had 4x4 trails using a section of user-built trail which intersected with the tarbell trail. This is no longer the case. A new logging road has been built south of the existing intersection, and rerouting the tarbell is most likely not needed anymore. However, an on-site survey is required, and it would be recommended to add woody debris to help delineate where the C-9 trail should be.

3. DNR shall not construct, reconstruct, or utilize as part of the designated trail system the north-easternmost segment of the proposed trail near Hagen Creek depicted in red on the map and may relocate a trail length of an equivalent length (~ 1 Mile) in an alternate location outside the circle designated as Hagen Creek.

In our proposal, the trails planned to be built below won’t occur until the West Hagen Creek timber sale is complete. However, in addition to the settlement, we propose re-allocating an additional .5 mile of trail to the 1 mile given up already. The trail to be traded is mentioned below.

C-8 Trail

The C-8 trail is in a recent harvest area. Approved by the Phase I SEPA and Clark County in 2013, this would be the first trail section to build. This area has no water crossings and would not require any heavy equipment to rough the trail in.

C-9 Trail

The C-9 trail is an old road grade that leads towards grouse vista. Much of this trail already exists. On-site ground surveying would need to occur to verify

Blythe Settlement Trail

There is an existing road grade that extends from the L-1511 Gate (being removed), past Arrowhead Pit, and down to 4-corners. We propose taking the 1.5 miles of trail from the Blythe Settlement and re-open this trail instead under RCW 79.10.500(2)(d).

While the trunk trail is not difficult, there are side opportunities for obstacles

The trail has no water crossings, is built on rocky soil, has water bars from previous abandonment, and has the potential for good natural side obstacles. This trail was last site surveyed on June 9th, 2015.

L-1511 Gatekeeper

To provide access to the C-8 and C-9 trails, a gate and gatekeeper should be installed near the gate extending past the Thrillium Trailhead.

This will allow only vehicles designed for the trails to travel the L-1511 Road.

Similarly, a gatekeeper of rocks should be added to both sides of the settlement trail.

4 Corners Phase 1 Parking Lot

There is a need for a temporary parking lot at 4 Corners. An existing road grade can be torn up for rock. Another 60–100 yards would be required to fill an area just under an acre. This would provide parking for around 30 vehicles and trailers. We understand that building an official parking lot is time consuming. Therefore, we propose that if there is a timber sale soon, that state lands stockpile their rock in this area. Other regions have done this under forest practices, which leaves an open gravel area once work is finished.

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