While repeatedly listening to Leon Bridges’s song ‘river’, I felt something hurting in me in a way that it made me feel vulnerable. This feeling of vulnerability is part of being human, I feel.

We are afterall just that. All of us could break no matter how strong we may be. But it is this same feeling that gives us the resolve to keep going on; keep our heads above the water.

I’m not a believer in any holy power of any religious god. But in its most honest, purest and selfless form this belief of human beings in some higher power that looks after them; that they can surrender themselves to this being and keep doing what is right, felt to me, like an acknowledgment of their vulnerability.

But then it is true only when the person is truly honest which is quite a rarity in today’s time and religion has become a way to satisfy ones or a community’s ego. Today most religions are a mirror of their believers. Their fears, insecurities and greed has taken over whatever good that their religions possibly stood for for centuries ago.

If a faith feels threatened by the rise of others then there definitely isn’t any higher power guiding it or anything spiritual about it.

For me, nature makes me ecstatic yet it makes realise how small and insignificant I am. Everytime I look up to a mountain peak or out at the vast ocean, I realise that they have possibly been around for a time longer than any living being. It humbles me to know the invincibility of nature.

This song, even though it is talking about submitting to a god created by us, it essentially describes the pain and struggle of the singer and the acknowledgment of his vulnerability.

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