Completed: DNS-OARC Systems Facility Relocation May 14–18th 2016

Details and status update

All of OARC’s primary infrastructure has now been successfully relocated from Internet Systems Consortium in Redwood City to Hurricane Electric in Fremont, California. We are pleased to report this was done without any significant mishap to our hardware or data.

We did have some config issues with our ix1 server which led to some services being down for a day or two longer than intended, but otherwise the move went pretty much according to the announced schedule.

We will be spending the rest of this week doing testing, debugging, documentation and tidy-up.

One outstanding item is that we need to publish new IP addresses for the ODVR resolvers. Otherwise, we believe that all public-facing OARC services should be working as normal.

Please let us know via if you see anything that is not working the way you expect it to.

As we are now in a facility with a diverse community of tenants and plenty of room for growth, this opens some new possibilities for our members to submit and access OARC data. It is now possible to host your analysis server with OARC, directly interconnect with us, or peer with US across SFMIX. We will peer directly with OARC Members, and operate an open peering policy via the SFMIX route server. Please get in touch if you are interested in doing any of these.

Thanks to the OARC Engineering team, Jerry and William, for their hard work and professionalism in getting this demanding migration completed.

We would also like to express our thanks to the entire ISC Operations team for all their service, support and helpful flexibility over the past decade of hosting OARC’s infrastructure. Rory Doolin, Dan Mahoney, and Jim Martin deserve a special mention in particular.

Finally, thank you to our Members for their support and patience while
we completed this important work. This enhancement to our stability and
robustness builds on OARC’s growth as an independent organization and
puts us in stronger shape for the future.

Part of the move included 170 disks being carefully removed, labelled and packed before being shipped to the new data centre to be re-installed. Photos courtesy of Jerry Lundström.
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