Our Investment in CloudNatix — a provider of cloud infrastructure across multiple clouds and on-premise

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Jan 21, 2021 · 3 min read

The cloud market is one of the fastest-growing and largest technology sectors, dominated by Amazon Web Services ($45B annual run rate and 45% market share), followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The total volume of the public cloud services market was $370B in 2020, and it is expected to grow by a rate of 17% this year. In this market, the cloud infrastructure and workload management segment are estimated to be $12B, according to Gartner. While hybrid and multiple cloud environments along with Kubernetes have been defined as the most efficient way of running modern workloads, the adoption of this architecture is not simple since developers need to run their applications in these heterogeneous environments.

Cloudnatix makes this process orders of magnitude simpler by allowing developers to run their applications using the auto-pilot technology and a single management pane. Also, their platform lets developers optimize and manage multiple containers across hybrid and multi-cloud environments on a single pane management console. This is a great value to more advanced companies who are already managing workloads in the cloud. One of CloudNatix’s key strengths is its cloud-agnostic infrastructure management that provides hassle-free highly efficient operations for enterprises. While some other players claim they do optimization, their solutions are limited in scope and most often do not address the management of workloads over multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

The company was founded in 2019 by Rohit Seth who’s a former Google executive joined by Somik Behera(Head of Products) and Kenji Kaneda(Chief Architect). Rohit is an inventor of Containers at Google and has worked for Google for 11 years in leadership roles managing large organizations in core Data Center infrastructure and Display advertisements. He invented Linux containers and was responsible for the Google-wide rollout of containers and other core data center optimization technologies.

TechCrunch covered how CloudNatix is transforming Cloud and on-premise infrastructure operations here:

We are delighted to announce that we led CloudNatix’s $4.5M Seed round joined by amazing co-investors such as Cota Capital, Incubate Fund, Vela Partners, and 468 Capital. The CloudNatix team includes the pioneers of Containers, Google Borg and Mesos. The company is hiring for multiple engineering and sales roles as listed on the website. The company is focusing on bringing in diversity right from the very beginning. Please reach out if you are excited to work on the next generation of infrastructure technologies and distributed systems at scale along with some of the very best talents in the industry.

Read CloudNatix’s Official Press Release here:

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