Our Investment in Macrometa, an edge computing service for app developers

Q Motiwala
Oct 1, 2020 · 3 min read

While consumption of static data at the edge has been a well studied and solved problem, the last few years have seen dramatic increase in data creation, storage, computation & analytics at the edge; a $10B+ market today growing at 30% CAGR. Think cybersecurity, adtech, IoT, gaming, e-commerce and many other day to day use cases where clicks, interactions, video streams, and customer data need to be ingested, stored, analyzed and acted on in real time, in milliseconds on the edge.

Pain Points:

Centralized cloud and/or on-premises do not lend themselves to distributed architectures like edge computing and real time data processing, both in terms of cost, performance and developer experience; cost and complexity of building and operating global, edge responsive cloud native app/api backends explodes as such systems need to run across potentially 100s of edge locations with stateful, consistent data handling. Additionally, enterprises do not want to get locked to a single global cloud provider and their proprietary cloud tools.


These are fundamental, open computer science problems that have been around since the dawn of databases, data warehouses and (now data lakes). We wouldn’t be writing this brief, if Macrometa were not solving the above pain points. So yes, we are excited about that. But what excites us even more, is the management team and the cloud and edge hardened Board members that are embarking on this journey with us.

Left: Durga Gokina, CTO / Right: Chetan Venkatesh, CEO

Macrometa CEO, Chetan Venkatesh, was the founder/CTO of Atlantis Computing (VDI and cloud services). Atlantis had a roller-coaster ride, scaling from 0 to $25M+ annual revenues and 200+ employees, in a short order, but due to multiple, “non-product market fit” related black swans, was unable to have a great outcome. Durga Gokina, CTO of Macrometa was also part of the Atlantis journey. During the pandemic, Chetan and I had multiple walks and hikes around the Bay Area state parks. I was most impressed by the lessons learned, extreme humility and an openness to new ways of thinking. Sometimes past scars hold entrepreneurs back from unleashing their full potential, not true for Chetan though. Chetan and Durga have incorporated that in company culture, hiring, GTM and most of all ensuring the customer is delighted with the product.

New Board Members:

Joining us on the journey on the Macrometa board are two industry stalwarts — Rob Fry, a veteran of Netflix and now CTO at Armorblox. Rob brings a profound depth of experience in the transformative potential of cloud native architectures with respect to security, performance, operations, the human talent and organization needed to build platforms that serve 100s of millions of users globally and concurrently.

Additionally, we also are excited to have Jon Gelsey join our board, who most recently served as CEO of Auth0 and XNOR.ai (acq by Apple). Jon has the unique distinction of having created both a unicorn from scratch and a completely new category for identity, authentication and access management at Auth0. Between Auth0 and XNOR.ai, Jon pretty much invented and wrote the book on building a developer centric sales and marketing methodology.

So, what is the product?

Macrometa transforms the customer’s cloud native data stack to a fault tolerant, low latency, stateful data fabric that runs across 100s of cloud regions. Analogous to CDNs, Macrometa delivers a converged set of APIs and SDKs for a noSQL DB and proxying cache, stream based event processing and compute functions all via a simple serverless, developer centric user experience. Enterprise customers use Macrometa to scale, simplify and optimize cloud native app/API development and delivery across multi cloud, cloud and edge, CDN, on-prem and public cloud.

Come check us out at Macrometa.co. Macrometa is hiring for roles in Sales, Solutions architecture, Product Management and Engineering (C++, Python, Java and JavaScript).

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