Welcoming Takako Kunz as a Platform Manager at DNX Ventures

DNX Ventures
Sep 2 · 2 min read

She joins us in San Mateo as the Platform Manager, partnering and supporting DNX portfolio CEOs and Founders.

Takako joins us from Plug and Play, where she helped startup companies with their customer and business development needs. She brings her positivity, creativity, experience, and passion for helping early-stage startups to DNX.

We asked Takako about her career thus far.

“Growing up as a relatively quiet introvert, my career started with an unexpected role in sales and account management. Moreover, having spent a decade in the US, I had to overcome an initial culture shock to work in Japanese society. However, with my never-give-up personality, I slowly but surely adapted to the environment. My experiences at Expedia (travel) and Criteo (ad-tech) marked the beginning of helping clients grow their businesses. It gave me so much satisfaction, and I absolutely loved being part of my client’s business growth journey.

Entrepreneurship ran in my family. My father, grandfather, and great-grandparents have all started their own businesses. That led me to study Food Entrepreneurship to deepen my knowledge about a combination of my passion and interest.

After graduate school, I moved to Silicon Valley and gained more exposure to work with startups at Plug and Play. Then I met the members at DNX Ventures. I believe everyone feels this way — I was drawn to everyone’s charismatic personality and passion for making founders and CEOs successful.

And now, here I am! I’m excited to leverage my personality (I’m an ‘ISFJ,’ for the Myers Briggs fans :) with the love of serving the needs of others and providing help!, and I guess, still an introvert), diverse background, and network to be the support pillar for founders and the DNX team. I can’t wait to build the DNX community further.

I’m always up for a chat. I’d love to have conversations with any of you out there who are founders or those interested in working with startups. Or if you want to practice yoga with me or go watch the sunset, feel free to reach out to me anytime!”

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