The Encouragement Network

We are here to help you close the gap between where you are now, and where you could be. Between those two points is one of life’s great journeys. The sad truth is most people don’t go on it. They stay where they are. They have settled. Stuck in their routine of their own making.

But life can be so much more.

For those brave enough to push on forward, there are new things to be learned, new people to meet, new experiences to take your breath away, and new ideas to make you think differently about this wonderful world of ours.
To think different requires you do many things different. Listen different. Eat different. Play different. Meet different. Travel different. Read different. Watch different. The Do Lectures is one stepping stone on that journey.

Never settle. Stay curious.

How do we help to narrow the gap?

A combination of inspiration, motiviation and insights from others who have done amazing things.

1, Online talks.
2, Podcasts.
3, Newsletters.
4, Events.
5, Books.
6, Reports.

Background Info.

1, Started in 2008 in West Wales. Although, the very first event was called ‘The Little Big Voice Lectures’ and took place in 2007.

2, It was founded by Clare Hieatt and David Hieatt. The idea was inspired by a text they received from Tony Davidson. The text read: ‘Don’t just stand there, do something.’ Dick Dastardly.

3, In 2009 Duke Stump gave a talk at Do Wales. He was so taken with it, he had the idea to do it over in America. He persuaded Anna Beuselinck to Campovida its home.

4, Samantha Bell came as attendee in 2011. “We need to bring this to Australia” were her words. And, fair dues, she went and made it happen. After going for two years, it is currently having a break while Sam runs her growing business.

5, Do Book Co. launched in 2013. This was started by Miranda West, and is fully owned by her. It pays the Do Lectures a royalty on the sale of each book.

6, We will add to this as time goes by.

Important To Us.

1, We believe in ideas, creativity and invention.

2, We believe in trying to help others.

3, We believe in optimism, positivity and good people.

4, We believe in good food, excercise and good books.

5, We believe in businesses that make a positive change in this world.

6, We believe in looking after the planet.

7, We believe in learning, and striving to reach your potential.

8, We believe in good music and having some fun.

9, We believe in being grateful and giving as we grow.

The Business Side of Things.

We believe in business to make a positive change, we promote those stories through our talks. And we want to run The Do Lectures in the same way. We believe the better we can be at running ourselves as a business, the more people we can help. That gives us the motivation.

Our challenge is this: 98% of what we do we give away for free. 1, Free talks. 2, Free podcasts. 3, Free sharing of inspiration throughout the year. We don’t have a big sponsor; we don’t have a patron, so we are not rolling in cash. But we have and enjoy the freedom to do what we think matters most. So we count ourselves to be very lucky.

We square the business side of things by by charging 2% of what we do we do. That is our workshops, tickets to our global events, and for the reports we do. That keeps this thing whole thing going.

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