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Photo by Dmitri Popov

‘Pad-storming’ is a technique I developed to help come up with ideas.

First fill in a page with lots of rectangles.

Then fill in each rectangle with as many ideas as you can.

Then simply connect two different rectangles on your pad at random.

Before mashing them up to create something new.

So Hairpin Bens + Dunlop Tyres stick to road =

It’s like an idea cut and shunt.

Random and unexpected.

Interesting copy and visual juxtapositions arrive.

I’ve always loved verbal brainstorming.

Getting to that unexpected magic solution, when your sentence is finished by someone else’s.

It always leads to surprising ideas you could never have got to on your own.

Pad-storming is a great way of doing something similar.

Especially it you are on your own.

Or as another way of coming up with fresh ideas with your team.

Mike Nicholson


Mike Nicholson

Bringing almost 20 years of experience from the world of digital, design and advertising. Mike likes helping ideas fly, SCA mentoring & green jumpers.

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