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The Hidden ‘R’ That Helps Us Do.

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  • Trustworthiness (i.e dependability), and
  • Consistent Performance (i.e. professionalism).

You as Ruler of Self.

1) Self-Knowledge

  • embracing our self-worth
  • understanding and accepting our strengths and weaknesses
  • being aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect our behaviour
  • guiding our actions based on our values (instead of thoughts/feelings)

2) Self-Care

Healthy Sleep Habits set us up for “showing up” reliably

Nutrition is the power smoothie in our self-care pack

Our bodies are built for Movement

Focus is our fourth fundamental super power

3) Self-Discipline

The Enemy of Reliability is Resistance.

We don’t just jump from A to Amazing.

Mich Bondesio

Social Entrepreneur

Mich Bondesio



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