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Jun 4, 2017 · 4 min read

Beyond the straight and narrow…

Dimension is most often seen as a measure of distance or size, i.e. length, breadth, depth, height.

How high is that mountain?

How far is it to the first pitstop?

How big is your backpack?

But dimension can also indicate aspects and features of an object or situation…

Now this is a side of your personality I haven’t seen before! Remember the colour of that starfish we found on the beach last summer? Can it really be this frigging cold in the middle of June?

These different aspects of our lives all help to create a richness of experience.

Building richness and complexity into a simple life.

To live a richer life, we don’t need more stuff, we simply need to look at things from different perspectives. Getting objective about our world and about ourselves, gives us a more three-dimensional view of our environment and our place in it.

What happens when we only see and live horizontally?

Our life might resemble a Gantt chart. Logical, linear and routine-bound, one step after the other. Milestones, goals and end points can seem far away or unclear, because there are other, closer things obstructing our view. We may feel we have to become or achieve one thing, before we can do another.

What happens when we look UP?

Looking up, things can seem closer, compared to when we reverse that view from on high. We can see more layers too - how multiple things can exist at once. Think of different cloud types at different altitudes and speeds. Aspect, height, texture and detail can add more meaning.

What happens when we look DOWN from up high?

We see a bigger picture. Things may look smaller or further away, but we fit more into our view. The environment below may also flatten out, as it does when looking at a contour map or Google Earth, making things seem simpler or more surmountable.

We’re not linear, and neither is life.

We are the culmination of every dimension, aspect and experience in our lives. We carry who we are with us and it filters into everything we do. It adds to our depth of character, to our richness.

There is no single best way to look at the world, or live in it.

But if we look at things from more than one perspective, then we get a more realistic, accurate picture. Make curiosity, learning, appreciation, exploration and experimentation part of your visual life threads.

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