Making money on your everyday moments — by turning them into mockups

If you got any half decent camera and loads of passion for the photos you shoot, then it’s about time you start turning that into some profit.

Not the kind of “looong hours for that one client you can’t stand” profit – No, I’m talking about bringing your camera into your daily life, making money on selling your every day snaps. Believe it or not, businesses are willing to pay you for those photos. They actually need those photos, to improve their relations with their own customers.

I hope this blog-post will inspire you into getting started on creating your own mockup photos. I really believe many (amateur and pro) photographers are missing out when they ain’t having mockups as part of their portfolio — and income stream.
Trine is posing for a new “floor mockup” we are shooting. Having a second floor really gives you some new possibilities

Focus on what matters

What’s important in mocktography (yeah, I totally made that word up), is your surroundings. They don’t need to be fancy, but they have to excite you and make you want to shoot photos in them.

Knowing all the features on your camera is kinda secondary.

I love shooting mockups when we travel. I would be shooting photos anyways, so why not shoot a few mockups along the way, and turn that into some more traveling-money on the side?

Use whatever inspires you

We all get inspired by very different things. Use this to make your mockup photos stand out. If you love exploring nature, then get out there, and shoot photos there. Thats what did, in the jungle:

Beautiful mockup by

Or maybe you enjoy hanging out in the park, listing to music? — then shoot a photo like JÉSHOOTS did here.

Perfect mockup by JÉSHOOTS

Bottom line is, find something you are already passionate about, and make it into a mockup. Se a lot more examples here.

Finding the right type of “canvas” for you

There are many different types of mockups you can create. I personally like to work with more than only phones. A blank piece of paper always makes for a good mockup too.

  1. Phones, laptops, tables, etc.
    These types of mockups have been around for some time now. They are awesome, as they help developers get their UI out of the flat computer screen, and into the real world — where their customers are.
  2. T-shirts and apparels.
    Unless you have been living under a rock for the last many years, you are well aware of the booming print-your-own-t-shirt shops everywhere. Apparel mockups helps these business in ways that is unheard of, as they can show their designs without ever spending a single dime on t-shirt prints, before the customer actually pays up.
  3. Posters and other prints.
    This one is by far the most overlooked and also the most underestimated section, if you ask me. Today, everyone can become a poster designer. All you need is a one-hour crash course from, a bit of talent, and you are good to go. But printing your designs can be expensive, so using poster mockups are what makes it all possible.
  4. Everything with a surface, really!
    If it has a surface, then it’s makes for a potentiel mockup for your to shoot. Just get into your favorite photo editor and remove that surface, so there is place for a mockup instead.

You shot the photo–then what?

Where many photographers tend to get stuck, is after all the fun is done. The photo is taken, and the filters have been applied, but then what to do?

In the old days, you would open Photoshop, start adding Smart Objects and all that jazz. Then you should find a place to sell your .psd file. Maybe even create a wordpress site for all your files. (this is a lot of work when you just want to shoot photos and have fun).

But as I said, that was in the old days. Now a days your customers might not even be able to open a psd file, as they are all using Sketch now. And as I write this, we are living in 2018, so your customers expect your service to be easy, quick and online.

Mockup.Photos is by far the easiest place for me to sell my mockups, as everything happens online. Most of my customers are non-photoshop users, so they don’t need to worry about that hurdle anymore.
It’s never been easier for customers to buy and use your mockups than it is today

Let the users find you, not the other way around

I don’t know about you, but I want my mockups to be accessable to as many customers as possible. Not only those who already have Photoshop installed, and knows how to use Photoshop. They have most probably already created their own mockups anyways.

– If you really want your mockups to sell, you put them out on a platform like Mockup.Photos where they help turn your photo into a live browser-editable mockup.

Best part is that I get access to all their paying customers, and every time one of them downloads any of my mockup photos, I get a cut of the subscription fee they pay.

Now I can focus on what I love. Travel the world, and documenting all the best bits and pieces by turning them unto profitable mockups.

If you are just a tiny bit into photography (as you must be since you hav reached this far in my post), I suggest that you sign up for a platform like Mockup.Photos, and start making money on what you love.

I travel the world while I “document” it by my mockups with my girlfriend Trine. You can follow our travel on this blog, or on our Mockup.Photos profile here.