How much is your social influence worth?

What’s your social influence worth? Could it be $10,000, $100,000 or maybe $1 million dollars? Don’t just guess, APEX is a cryptocurrency platform introducing a tool called a Token Placement Analysis to give influencers a social influence score from 1–117. A score of 1 means you’re just staring out and 117 means you’re Kanye!

Social currency isn’t exactly new and tools resembling Klout have tracked social currency since the Myspace days. Cryptocurrency isn’t new either. Bitcoin has been around since ’09. What’s new is a platform known as Ethereum has suddenly made cryptocurrency the hottest game in town and it’s going to keep getting hotter. Why? Well, for starters it’s about freedom. Secondly, it’s based on the same principles and torrents. And lastly, Napster!

Remember Napster? Imagine if only the music community had embraced instead of killed Napster. We wouldn’t of needed Spotify and I’ll argue we would have 1000’s of new artists because expansion always leads to wonderful new things (America!). Cryptocurrency is doing the same thing for finance what the internet did for information by making new lightweight markets free and accessible.

So what’s all this got to do with social currency? It means we can create something called a Social Influence Token (SIT) and break it into 10 million or so pieces. Tokens are offered to fans and followers and can be redeemed for one of a kind prizes and experiences like the chance to appear in your favorite stars music video.

It works like this… An influencer will do a Token Placement Analysis and get awarded a social influence score. This score determines an influencers’ capitalization potential. The higher score the, the higher the capitalization potential. Top scores could net $1 million dollars or more!

Chuck-e-Cheeze Prize Counter

If an influencer meets the minimum score they can perform a Social Token Event. This one-time offering gives their fans and followers the opportunity purchase their tokens at the discount price. Those tokens can then redeemed for items of value and prizes just like the prize counter at chuck-e-cheese. Prizes range from simple gifts to lavish, one of a kind experiences.

The APEX Marketplace contains finished products, one of a kind inventions, music video appearances, philanthropy donations to causes like mental health and autism, and you can even get Katy Perry to sing Swish Swish at your sweet 16 party for $100,000 or 10,000 Katy Tokens.

The future is decentralized with more small businesses, less big corporations, more open markets and limitless possibilities. Capitalize on your future by registering for a Social Token Event at Events start early 2018! Your social currency is a valuable resource. Use it wisely!!!