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Since October 2017, Dobi Trade has grown exponentially with more than one million active users.

Currently, Dobi Trade is ranked among the top-20 exchanges by www.coinmarketcap.com.

Here are the 5 advantages of listing post-ICO tokens on Dobi Trade’s trading platform:


Dobi is a gateway for US and European-based projects looking to penetrate and access the China crypto-trading market that is one of the largest in the world. Additionally, Dobi’s in-house DOB stablecoin is pegged to the Chinese Yuan (RMB) as a dynamic hedging tool.

The team at Dobi are capable of customizing bounty programs, contests, and giveaways unique to Chinese-speaking audience.

This is done with the support of our strong network of Mainland affiliates and media partners. Individually appointed China-based account managers and specialists provide the support to our retail, institutional and OTC traders.


Dobi is also the leading manufacturer and distributor of third-generation cryptocurrency ATMs that come replete with sleek industrial designs and responsive touchscreens.

New digital assets listed on Dobi can be added to these bi-directional crypto-fiat dispensing ATMs. They also feature biometric fingerprint recognition capabilities and fraud deterrent safeguards.

Used by many listing partners as an innovative value-added service for token HODL-ers, DOBI ATMs are also effective marketing tools.

They are used by projects to demonstrate that anyone can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies conveniently in any physical setting. It doesn’t matter if it’s at their offices or at venues such as busy retail spaces and blockchain conventions.


In this emerging industry, the ability to evolve is paramount and Dobi is in it for the long haul to ensure that projects listed will always receive the best technical and marketing support from an ecosystem that adapts to rapidly changing needs.

Dobi has one of the biggest award-winning Blockchain R&D Centre in the Shen Zhen, China with expansion plans to South East-Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA. More than 150 blockchain professionals and software engineers provide solutions and applications for listing partners and clients looking to revolutionise traditional industries.


Dobi is also the leading manufacturer of Moving Cloud Coin (MCC)’s consumer wearables with the world’s first mining smartwatch based on Proof of Effort (POE). Be rewarded with MCC and other tokens whether you’re breaking a sweat with an intense workout or a breezy stroll. Every step you take counts. Heart rate sensors and sleep monitoring functions are just some of the smartwatch features at your disposal.

Gear up and get moving: as the very first blockchain digital and analogue timepieces, they are perfect for both the stylish modern man and woman. And like our ATMs, they are used by listed partners to engage their communities on a personal level that would not be possible otherwise by embedding their tokens into these mining watches to reward users.


Dobi Trade boasts robust daily trading volume across all actively-traded token pairs, a user-friendly interface and low trading fees. Our success is evident with a fast-growing number of listed tokens. We also provide market making and price support services by creating two-way bids and offers for a liquid order book. Transfers and withdrawals are seamless and fast while a slew of attractive trading promotional initiatives rewards DOBI traders daily.

Similarly, Dobi’s OTC peer-to-peer trading allows various nationalities to exchange their local currency for digital assets and its services support a wide range of payment methods, including Alipay, Wechat pay and Union pay. Listing process for ERC20 token and tokens using other protocol can be completed in a few days.


With more than US$160 million in daily transaction volume, our goal is to grow with listing partners who have placed their trust in us.

Jointly, we can take the next step together as we grow from strength-to-strength when mainstream adoption and true use cases become apparent.

Because there’s no trade-off at DOBI Trade.

To get listed , please fill up below form :

For more information:

Dobitrade Social Media :

1-Official Website : https://www.dobiexchange.com/en/
2-LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/dobitrade-exchange/
3-Twitter :https://twitter.com/Dobitrade_
4-Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/Dobitradeexchange
5-Telegram Channel :https://t.me/dobitradechat
6-Medium : https://medium.com/dobitrade-exchange
7-Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7wVwxeerGK0zd9x7GIcwdQ

DOBI Exchange

DOBI Digital Asset Exchange is the world’s most accessible cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to create a quick, convenient, and secure trading platform …


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A Friendly Exchange? https://www.dobiexchange.com

DOBI Exchange

DOBI Digital Asset Exchange is the world’s most accessible cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to create a quick, convenient, and secure trading platform …

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