Ink Protocol (XNK)

XNK is listed on Dobitrade, featuring the XNK/ETH market.

INK PROTOCOL is a decentralized reputation and payments for peer-to-peer marketplaces which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Ink Protocol Token (“XNK”), an ERC20 compatible token.
Ink aims to secure user's 2 way transactions (send and receive payments) in P2P marketplaces while earning a public reputation for every completed transaction.

Ink greatly enhances the buying/selling process orders through decentralized reputation and feedback ratings, decentralized escrow for secure payments, third party dispute resolution, and very low transaction costs .

INK can be integrated into new or existing marketplaces and can also be used in marketplaces that don’t directly handle payments

Ink has also become the new reputation and payment system within the Listia marketplace and is not only useful on Listia, but it also serves as a fully decentralized reputation and payment system for any P2P transaction, independent of marketplace. Ink has the power to create, disrupt, and adapt to the world’s largest online marketplaces by publicly sharing reputation information on the Ethereum blockchain.

The total amount of tokens:500 Million
Token in circulation:175 Million
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