I’m Terrified of Winning the Lottery
Christopher Sowers

Easy money easily corrupts.

Not because money is corrupting, but because we are corruptible.

Money is, after all, really only access to resources for actualising the things you want. If you want things that are unhelpful to you and to others, money will inevitably prove harmful. But even though having more money may embolden you to indulge desires you previously didn’t dare dream of, money itself is only a construct, and gives you no new wants.

Is “hard-won” money redemptive, then?

Not necessarily. You can, I’m sure, easily call to mind many who remained jerks after working hard for their wealth.

Maybe, though, the process of working has the potential to subtly shape you, and somehow purify the things you want. Or maybe it only provides a prism for seeing through the unhelpfulness of things you wanted, to which an unearned windfall may have left you blind.

But maybe the first step is to admit what you already know deep down about money’s corrupting tendencies…

Money is potentially corrupting, but it’s not money. It’s you. And me.

And who knows, maybe then you and I might be immune to lotteries. Or maybe even better, we wouldn’t much care either way.

Inspired by Christopher Sowers. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

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